Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WOW ... Celebrating 37 years of marriage

(Dating my surfer boy!)

Today is my 37th Anniversary!
We were married on January 15, 1977.
Can't believe I was just nineteen years old
and he was twenty!
We were just kids . . .
never really knowing what was lying ahead,
we just knew we wanted to do it together.
With very little money and a strong faith in God
we started our life journey!

It has been quite a beautiful ride
and we have enjoyed so many life experiences!

I believe living happily is also part of living Artfully,

and Jimmy has been a huge part of my
life happiness!
We have grown up together,
had ups and yes  ... a few downs,
had two incredible sons,
got them through the teen years and college,
watched them marry the loves of their lives
and pursue their own life goals,
and now we are in a new phase in life
grandparents to Annabelle Lily!

He has always watched me pursue new directions
with a thumbs up support,
which has allowed me to grow into who I am today!
I am a seeker always wanting to stretch my wings
Trust me ... never a dull moment in the Wynn household.

Here are just a few fun photos to share!
I am truly blessed
a very happy
Yes today is a very good day!

Always me and him!

Donna Lee