Monday, March 7, 2011

My postcard swap adventure

This weekend I have been working on finishing up my stitched postcard swap from Beth Nicholls of Do What You Love For Life .  I must say I had a good time with it!  There is something so fun about getting all the paints and collage stuff out and start creating.  I had an idea where I wanted to go with my postcard, but it did begin to evolve all on it's own.

Stitchin up some LOVE!

I first began with painting my 4x6 Strathmore watercolor postcard with two colors of acrylic paints.  I used a scraper to apply the paint, instead of a paintbrush. I enjoy this technique a lot and I learned it from watching videos from Brave Girls Club I began to apply lots of different collage materials, from antique lace to old dictionary sheets.  I like to use Golden Soft Gel Medium (Semi gloss) to apply my collage materials.  After I had my postcard the way I wanted it, I decided to create more than one, since I have some girlfriends I know would love to get some LOVE in the mail!!  I then went to the sewing machine.  I have NEVER stitched with my sewing machine on watercolor paper before, this took me a little while to get the hang of it.   I have seen some beautiful stitched journals from girlfriends, this technique is certainly growing on me.  So I created six different postcards, each one taking on a personality of their own.  Creating is so much fun; with each added element, I got more excited.  The theme was LOVE, so of course I had a heart or two included.   There is nothing like it getting in your studio and playing with art materials, playing the music loudly and seeing where it all leads.  I believe at Squam we called that "In the Bubble".   We were meant to create and we are meant to share it.  I decided last minute to add a layer of Glitter Mod Podge to add some extra sparkle . . . we all need some Sparkle in our lives! Artwork does that you know!  I know how to begin a piece, but the artwork itself knows when it is finished.

Some postcard love

My recipient lives pretty far away, in Southampton UK and he was the first guy to participate in this swap.  He was also Beth's Nichols brother, so no pressure there!  I sure hope he enjoys a small little piece of art in his mailbox, coming all the way from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  So I am heading to the post office tomorrow to mail it.  I am in search of a really awesome postcard stamp to mail it with (the finishing touch!)  I can't wait to receive my postcard in the mail . . . I wonder where it is coming from and who is sending it? Just wanted to share my journey with you for it is always a joy for me to spend time with you!  How about you try sending a small postcard to someone you love? (I will be sure and send you my address if you need it)  Join in on a creative swap when you can, it forces you to get in the studio and create, which is always a good thing!  I am off now to post my picture on our Flicker group.

My finished piece to mail to Matt!