Monday, June 25, 2012

A Gift Beyond Measure

I received a text this week from a friend of mine,
it said "Sam has a little something he would like to give you . . . can you drop by this weekend for a couple of moments?"
Of course I replied "sure" with curiosity written in my response!

So on a beautiful Saturday morning,
I woke up to no electricity
which means NO COFFEE FOR ME,
so off to Barnes and Noble
with my laptop in hand,
I knew I could get some writing done,
recharge my Macbook
and of course look around
the Poetry section!
Somehow I always find myself there!

I have also been looking for a good book
on Grammar and found
Patricia O'Conner
I always excelled in English
and felt like I was pretty good at writing;
but there are times with my poetry,
I question where the grammar rules
apply or don't apply!
So that was my purchase for the day.

Back to the beginning of the story,
remember Sam had something for me?
On the way to the bookstore
I stopped by to see my friends,
Chuck and Sam.
It was a lovely visit, as it always is
and the birds outside their windows
were breathtaking!
We talked of knitting, good things, bird feeders
 and writing poetry.
Sam then lead me into the dining room,
 there was something tucked under a towel sitting on the table.
When I uncovered it I saw there was 
a vintage Remington typewriter
that he had used at work for
over forty years.
There in the typewriter was a typed message for me
and I was so overwhelmed with emotion,
I couldn't speak!
I had shared with them a few weeks before
{oh my gosh . . . he remembered that}
Sam knew I was a writer,
that I loved Poetry
and that his typewriter
would be going to a 
place it would be loved.

So here is the message that was sitting in my new baby!
What a gift I will treasure
for always.

I received this gift of a typewriter
National Typewriter Day
and didn't even know the significance of the day
until I read a post on Facebook
about a friend ignoring her typewriter
on National Typewriter Day
that evening.
That made this gift, on that particular day,
even more significant to me!!

At the end of our visit, I was handed
a small brown envelope and told to 
read it at a relaxed time,
when I opened it later that evening
tucked inside was a book of
Sam's own poetry published in the
early eighties.
My day just kept getting better and better.
I am not sure yet which gift I loved more,
the typewriter or the gift of words!

When someone pays it forward
in such an incredible way
it makes you feel like everything
else in the world will be okay.
Thank you Sammie!
The poems and words that will come
from this typewriter
will be 
 rooted deeply
and always
from my heart.

For whatever reason
I keep being called into the
wonderful world of poetry.
Please join me over at my
100 poems journey blog
 when you get a chance!
The link is at the top left of my blog!

May you reach out this week
and touch someone with a small gift
of love 
some way!

Donna Lee