Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A peek inside my sketchbook

My latest sketchbook

While visiting in Providence, Rhode Island
at Squam in the City a few years ago,
I visited the amazing RISD Museum
(Rhode Island School of Design)
Oh my goodness their gift shop
and Art Supply Store was out of this world!
I purchased several accordion watercolor journals
and brought them home!
I have been in love with these little journals,
and am on my last one!
I haven't been able to find them since,
so guess I will try to online shop with the museum
to stock up on a few more!
I am in love with the accordion journals,
they are portable, and you can draw on both sides!!!

I decided to share it with you today,
and let you have a peek inside.
I love to carry a small travel bag at all times,
I only carry this small journal,
a portable watercolor palette,
pencils, micron pens, eraser
and of course a water brush.

I never want to find myself without supplies,
there is so much inspiration out there in the world,
a quick sketch is just a moment away.
I am practicing my sketching skills,
I'm not always good with perspective!
I guess I didn't pay attention enough in art class!

Documenting my favorite OBX destination

Just sketching what I see

Drawing and Sketching are used in so many
parts of my life ...
sometimes it is nice to step away from Zentangle®
which is a very focused and meditative way of drawing.
Even in my Tapestry Weaving journey ...
drawing my cartoons are important,
which then become a woven cloth.

I've been playing with all my watercolors
in a different journal I created
for my friend Mindy Lacefield's
Watercolor Journal Course 
(she is amazing and I'm just relaxing and playing)
I'm learning to just enhance my painting and design skills

That's it for today ...
just a peek inside my sketches.
Wishing you warmth, love, creativity
and above all
peace in your daily walk!

Donna Lee