Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Creating My Own Art

Created this morning

I have been on an Art Journey for quite some time now.
With each new day I grow as an Artist.
I am inspired by so many others,
their techniques, style, color choices,
designs and their own personal journeys.
I have taken some wonderful classes,
in person and online
with some pretty spectacular teachers!
I have learned one technique here,
one there
and all the while I was developing
my own personal style of art.
Implementing the skills and techniques I had picked up along the way.

I am grateful that there are so many artists
out there willing to share their style of art,
write books along the way
and teach creatives like me!
I myself have taught many classes,
I have loved sharing my process to others.
I feel I now have something to share.

I think it is important to learn from others.
We are all together on this artistic walk of life.
Fellowship with other creatives is a must!
Whether just getting together as friends,
going on retreats, taking a workshop ...
certainly whatever works for you.
We need to be with like minded souls.
It fills our vessels for those times we can't be together.

I have learned a strong lesson along the way ...
I needed to take what I had learned and 
create my very own style.
I don't want to copy someone else's work or style,
I want to create my very own.
I do believe I have ...
I finally am comfortable in my own creative skin!
I create only what I want to create now,
and that is such an important lesson to learn.
My wonderful hubby reminds me all the time
that my work is unique,
my colors choices are great
and he loves my work above others!
(It is nice to have your own personal art cheerleader)

I created this small watercolor journal to play in
and created the cover work this morning

Early morning play on the art table

I began with a small sketch,
added watercolors,
then ink, then splatter, some oil pastel,
than pen and just kept going!
I wanted to just play and see what I came up with
for my blog post this morning.
It is all about the process for me,
not always the end result.
I have learned to create from Intention.
I needed the process to speak to me ... and it did!

Art is a way of life for me,
whether I am creating with inks, paints, 
or even my palette of threads.

A peek at my Tapestry table in progress

I create my art for ME,
(sometimes as a gift of love)
no longer for sale.
I went down the Etsy Shop journey years ago,
and found great success; but I wasn't happy.
I was creating just to refill the shop.
I was even part owner in an Art Gallery,
again I found myself creating to fill my little area ...
Art wasn't fun anymore, it had become work.

Now I create mainly for me.
I need to create ... it certainly calls to me.

Handpainted silks by Mirrix Looms
for my next Tapestry Project

I create because I need to.
Because I am called to it
Rather than filling my mind with
mindless television and wasted time,
I return to my studio ...
over and over again.
Each time might not be perfect,
or I may not create a beautiful work;
but I am there
granting myself the gift of peace,
quiet and serenity.
That my friend is worth it's weight in gold!

I don't want to copy anyone else,
trust me with social media these days
it would be easy to just imitate what I see.
There would be no originality in that.
I create my own art
because I love it,
I am finding my own true voice
through my work.
It has taken me years to like my work,
trust me ... there were times I did not!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!
What inspires you?
What is your creative process?
What does your Art mean to you?

We had a beautiful 62 degree day here yesterday
in Virginia Beach,
today is very windy and dropping to 30 degrees!
I feel my studio is calling me ...
wonder what else I will create today?

Donna Lee