Wednesday, March 25, 2015


My daily Mantra!

I recently attended the 25th Anniversary
in Hampton, Virginia.
I have fond memories of being a part owner and artist
in this collaborative art gallery over the years,
in fact, I truly can't believe I left there over 10 years ago!
I was thrilled to be invited and so happy to attend!
The crowd that gathered was impressive ... what a turn out they had!

I purchased this lovely clay sculpture (pictured above)
 as a keepsake,
to always remind myself to
"Believe I can do anything"
Blue Skies Gallery believed in my artistic abilities,
and back then I was concentrating on
my hand weaving and I loved my work!
Now I stand here ... 10 years later
and barely find time to sit at my weaving loom,
I miss it!
I truly miss the time I spent working in the gallery,
the fellowship with other artists, the inspirations,
creative conversation,
meeting patrons from all over
as they visited the gallery.
Those were good times, wonderful memories
and I grew in confidence,
in my artistic abilities.

Attending this gala last weekend,
forced me to think about the past ten years 
since I left the gallery to pursue a full time position
at Gilbert Eyecare,
I had to give up a lot to work full time again,
especially time!
Time is a precious gift for sure.
Now here I am ten years later . . .
now just working three days a week as an Optician,
caring for grand children two days a week,
and fitting in my artistic pursuits wherever I can!
My artwork has gone totally in another direction,
and I have learned so much along the way.

Yes, I believe in Me!
I believe there is time to pursue what interests us,
I believe in the Artistic Process and in Growth,
I believe I have a strong purpose in my life,
I believe my words matter,
I believe in God, love, truth, faith, family and all good things.

B ` E ` L ` I `E `V ` E
in yourself
in your own dreams
in your life pursuits
You can do anything!

Donna Lee