Thursday, June 1, 2017

Creating something for someone else

My finished woven pouch

I have been working on this Handwoven Pouch
for a few months as a fun blog post/giveaway
I have had the pleasure of being a part
of their Social Marketing Team this past year,
and I wanted to finish my commitment with a fun weaving project.
A year flew by and I enjoyed being a part of the
Mirrix Team immensely.

I had such a fun time working on it,
and as I was creating the piece,
I was learning new weaving techniques along the way.
Tapestry Weaving is all about learning
and growing in this art form.
From the beginning design and planning stage, 
to choosing the correct sett and fibers,
learning to fix and reason out my mistakes along the way, 
visualizing a finished product,
and learning to take some weaving shortcuts.

Weaving, Learning and Taking Notes

I have learned so much from being a Tapestry Weaver,
so any time that I can spend at my looms
is a wonderful thing!
I am a Seeker,
always looking for ways to learn something new,
experience new things
and share my knowledge along the way.
Tapestry Weaving is a gift to the soul,
a quiet path taken with myself.

Adding some Rya knots to the front flap

As I finished the project I had designed,
I wanted to do something for Mirrix Looms,
as a way of saying thanks for the past year.
Thanks for choosing me among all the applicants,
for trusting my written word on their Blog each month,
and for supporting my efforts.

I decided to give the pouch away to one lucky winner!
Claudia and Elena (Mother and Daughter team of Mirrix)
 were thrilled with the idea!
So they decided during the month of June,
to give a discount for Spencer Treadle sales,
and at the end of the month,
they would draw a name of one PERSON who had purchased
a treadle during the month of June ...
honestly I can't wait to see who wins!
Sometimes we need to give to others,
Pay it forward ... It just feels right!
That's what I wanted to do with this fun project!
So inside I tucked a message ...
"Weave Tapestry"
I included a pink quartz stone ...
extending a gift of calmness and clarity.
There was a lot of love tucked inside.

Small treasures inside

I learned a lot from this project:
*How wonderful it is to design something
from start to finish
*To work out design ideas on my own
*I know I love weaving fine settings
with beautiful silk threads
*How good it is to share your work with others
*Sharing your knowledge, weaving and talents
with others is a good thing.
*Creating something for someone else feels down right awesome

I look forward to the end of June,
may the recipient love the pouch when they receive it,
as much as I loved creating it.

When you are given the chance to share,
please do it!
Giving is a good thing;
not for the recipient but for YOU!
Growth comes when we extend ourselves,
give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Donna Lee