Wednesday, August 31, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Nineteen / In the Garden

Captured this photo in Corolla Light

This week the photo prompt was to revisit the garden
before September rolls around!
Last weekend when I traveled I took my new portrait camera lens
and went to Corolla Light.
It is a quaint little town full of shops and of course
the Corolla Light House.
If you have never been there
I encourage you to visit.
The shops are lovely, the historic Whalehead Club is there,
the walking tour is sweet
and there is a lot there for a photographer to see!
Museums, gardens, waterways to the sound, trees,
nature, lighthouse, old church, the Island Bookstore (my favorite),
old schoolhouse (charming)
yummy coffee house and so much more!
I came across a sweet Garden shop full of beautiful things
to accent your home and garden.
Outside they had a beautiful garden, full of
herbs, flowers and adornments!
I captured this photo and was
trying to get the beautiful bumble bee,
I was intrigued by him.
So . . . I had the perfect photo for this week.

Bella is right, it was good to go to the garden, one more time.
September is fast approaching and all the fall activities will begin.
The spirit of summer is slowly fading . . .
quiet walks, relaxing, beautiful beaches, vacations,
restful times.
Fall also comes with a beauty of its own,
I am sure there will be much to photograph!

Bloomed flowers slowly fading away

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Transition and change . . .

The ocean is a mighty and beautiful!

This was an interesting past week for me and for so many others.  I am no one special . . . just one in Virginia Beach that experienced an earthquake on Tuesday and Hurricane Irene on Saturday! Wow! It made me think about a lot of things . . . the word transition keeps coming to my mind and with it the word change keeps running close behind.  I took this picture of the Kitty Hawk pier in the Outer Banks just the other weekend when I was there and now I am wondering how it looks today. The ocean is so mighty and ever changing.  Storms come and go, some worse than others.  This time, I think they got hit pretty hard.  I have many friends and family living there and as I have always said . . . I hope to live there one day as well!  My thoughts on that subject haven't changed!

When I think of transitioning, I do think of change.  They go hand in hand don't they? I look back on my blog when it started a year and a half ago and I re-read my entires, definitely my blog has transitioned, and I like it.  I thought it was all going to be about weaving, knitting and painting;  it has now evolved into sharing my own personal journey.  I have heard that from so many friends of mine that have created a blog.  I believe my Gentle Threads has taken on it's own personality and it certainly reflects the growth I have had artistically this past year.  I have exploded in my writing, my photography and in my artwork, finding my own style.  I have even become a Tweeter!!  I was able to learn so much from workshops, art retreats, e-courses and just trying new things.  I feel as though I found my own way in my art life and my studio has become my safe haven!  I was able to fulfill a dream of mine, to open my own Etsy shop! We will see where all that leads, it is so new and I am just getting started.  How blessed I am that I have been able to fit it all together in this wonderful package, that works for my life.  I believe it is all working because I have transitioned into another phase of life as an artist and am happy with right where I am.  I have learned to create freely and write from my heart.   With each blog post I grow deeper and have learned to let go!  My friends comments have been full of love and encouragement and I am grateful for each one.  The sister tribe is a strong force and one I have come to count on, thank you!  You know who you are!

As I sit here in Starbucks this afternoon, because Irene took my electricity away, I have enjoyed just being with myself, my soy latte, my i tunes and writing what is from my heart.  This creative life is a journey and I have met so many wonderful people along the way.  So yes, I do see myself transitioning into a new step in my life.  I had a birthday last weekend and turned 54, I guess I got  a bit philosophical along the way!  I do think as we grow older, we think deeper and voice our opinions more easily.

Think about how your life is changing, transitioning and finding it's way.  Don't ignore the signals, they are there, I promise you!  Learn to listen to your intuitive self, it won't let you down.  I am not afraid of what is ahead, instead, I welcome change.  I wish you love and peace this week, and all good things!

Loved these flowers last weekend!

Donna Lee