Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guiding my Seniors with Zentangle

Zentangle and Coffee!

I have been helping to guide the Seniors of 
The Creative Writing Group
at First Colonial Inn
for over two years now
and what a blessing 
they are to me!
I have written about them before!

I was asked to lead them in a Zentangle Workshop
last Thursday evening
and what fun we had together.
I taught them about the history of Zentangle,
how it relaxes the soul,
how it helps us to sort out thoughts
and applied it to our writing practice
by giving them a prompt
"I am a Writer because ..."
Something for them to ponder on
while learning their 
meditative drawing process.

We relaxed and listened to beautiful
flute music
Rick Roberts
(one of the creators of Zentangle)
and it was so soothing and relaxing to all of us
We used the Apprentice Tiles and Pens
and they were so delighted to be learning.

It was a most beautiful evening
and I am so proud of the residents
of First Colonial Inn.
They created beautiful works
and were so proud of their accomplishments!
Here are a few captured moments
(They are so used to me and my camera!)

They all left wanting even more!

I love this group beyond measure
they have taught me so much
about living fully every moment.
Their love, their smiles, their friendship
their precious written words of life memories
have touched my heart.

I am the grateful one!
Zentangle continues to teach me beautiful lessons.
How blessed I am to have found this art form
and that I get to share it with others.