Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Holiday Dream . . .

My Studio for the Holiday
(I have used this photo before but I love it!)

I can't believe that the holiday
is almost here!
I haven't written on my blog
in a few weeks.
Somehow the words just wouldn't come.

This morning I entered my studio
in the early morning hour
and there was my message
peeking through my holiday lights!

Dream . . .

Dreams are so beautiful,
they teach us to reach for higher ground.
Dreams are found in our imaginations,
in our sleep and in our hearts.
They are found in our goals, our wishes
 and in our life purpose.

This holiday has been so very rushed,
all the while my heart has been yearning
for a quieter time.
To soak in all the beauty of the holiday
and precious times with family.
We are getting so commercialized, that
it isn't even fun to shop anymore!

This holiday I dream of
quiet days
beautiful music resounding everywhere
creative moments in my beautiful space
time well spent with those I love
time to rest and be restored
for faith to be renewed and strong
for friendships to always be treasured
for health and well being
and quietness of the heart.

wish you a beautiful holiday
for you and your loved ones!
May your dreams come true.
May your heart be light and free.
 May you always stay creative
in whatever way that is for you!
Love always,
Donna Lee