Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pressing the Restart Button! (already)

Me ... Myself and I

I have been thinking a lot lately ...
about so many things.
Where I want to be, what I want to accomplish,
the Pounds I am gonna lose, the Art I am gonna create, the Tapestry I want to weave,
the Poetry I have yet to write and so much more!

The new year is here and we are already into its 3rd month!
I look back in my journal to re-visit
my goals and dreams
I've slipped a bit ... haven't you?

I started out doing great then life happened!
Work, family, commitments, health,
raising a puppy and so much more.
I feel I am a bit hard on myself,
but I thought I would be doing better at this point in 2016.

Whenever I am overwhelmed,
a trip to the ocean is always my Restart Button!
This past Sunday afternoon was my time to restart! 
Many of you know I live in Virginia Beach, VA
the ocean is about 25 minutes from my home,
and only 5 minutes from my work,
yet I still can't find the time to get there!
So this Sunday was a gift.

Taking in the beauty at 1st street

I just needed to sit still,
walk quietly and breathe in
the beauty, the sound of the waves,
and feel the brisk chill in the air.
I needed to STOP and I did.
Sometimes we don't recognize when we need those moments,
and we just keep pushing forward,
Sunday was a gift for me,
a much needed present to open.

I have a thing for writing words in the sand,
things that matter to me.
I photograph them and make cards.
Here was the message that came this time . . .
It seems to be right where I am in my creative life these days.
I am totally immersing myself into Tapestry weaving
loving every moment I can spend at the loom.

My message to myself that day

We all need to stop, recharge, restart.
Don't be so busy that you don't recognize those
moments in your life.
Trust me your spirit will let you know,
and your precious body will give you signs
when you need to begin again.
Refresh yourself, take moments to do something different,
be still and quiet,
meditate on all good things.

When you look around there will always be
a gift from the universe
reminding you ... You got this!!!
This was mine

My reminder

So the week has started anew
and I am feeling much better about things.
I needed to pause, to think, to re-arrange
the thoughts in my head.
When we are clear headed we
can tackle just about anything ...
even the ups and downs of raising a 7 month old
labrador puppy ...
named Josie Grace
(the love of my life)

Chillin oceanside

Have a very blessed week
Slow yourself down
Breathe in freshness
Treat yourself to something new
Remind yourself
"You got this thing called life"

Donna Lee