Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Thoughts on Social Media

 Yearning for some sweetness these days!

 Wow it has certainly been a whirlwind of emotions
on Social Media ever since this political season began!  
I am not sure how I feel about it all just yet.

When I first came onto Facebook,
it was a way to reach out to my artistic friends
I had met at art retreats I had attended,
That was many years ago for sure.
I love being able to communicate long after
the retreat had ended.
It really was when Facebook was something special!
I still enjoy connecting in special groups
with my FB friends
and being able to see what is happening in their lives.
That part is still fun!

Instagram came along and I was hooked (I still am!)
It truly was the reason purchased my first iPhone;
because back then it was the only way to get the Instagram App!
Photography is something I love,
and Instagram was a way to share a photo
and a quick description of what
I was walking through in my life at the time.
Now there are so many users,
and Instagram has definitely changed.
I believe it has become even more commercial
and that saddens me.

Facebook has become a political nightmare!
It is where anyone can say whatever they want,
at any time, with no regard,
I don't enjoy it anymore,
and frankly ... it scares me a bit.
I find myself staying away each and every day.
Too many outspoken opinions,
our world is in unrest.

There seems to be so much anger
and discontent in our nation presently
and it sure doesn't seem to be calming down at all.
I want my old Facebook back ...
a place where I could see what my friends were up to,
a place where I could post ...
"Hey my blog post is up"
 "Hey look at this picture"
"Hey this is how I am feeling today ..."
"Hey this is what I want to share today!"

We are running so fast these days,
we aren't taking the time to be considerate of one another,
slow down on the highways,
be kind to each other in the grocery store,
we are forgetting common courtesy 
and I could certainly list so many other ways.
We are too busy looking down at our phones
in our hands
not paying attention to the beautiful world 
happening around us.

I'm pretty close to saying bye bye to Facebook,
not Instagram, just yet.
I want a slower pace of life,
I want to a kinder and gentler nation,
I want to respect my President,
yet I am having a time even liking him.
I want people to slow down,
look at me in the eye with a smile
and just say good morning.
I want to hear myself think.
How about you?

Social Media can be a good thing
and it can also be very dangerous.
Think carefully how you are using it,
how it is affecting your well being.
Perhaps we all need to lay off of it a bit
and just return to the simpler things in life.

Today I wish you a day filled with love for your fellow man,
Peace in your heart and soul,
Quietness and Rest whenever you can grab it.
Thanks for being here and reading my thoughts,
it means the world to me!

Donna Lee