Thursday, July 28, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Fourteen / Chocolate

Chocolate Yumminess!

This week the photo prompt was chocolate!  I thought that would be an easy thing to take a picture of, I just couldn't decide what I wanted to photograph this week.  So I delayed . . I thought of baking a batch of brownies and putting a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it, I thought of going to Starbucks and getting a cup of my favorite cafe mocha, my husband thought of a Snickers bar (his favorite) and I thought of just taking a picture of a bowl of m and m's.  Then today, while shopping at my absolute favorite grocery store The Fresh Market while deciding on something for dinner . . .there it was Chocolate everywhere!!! Being the newbie photographer that I am, I carry my camera with me, never wanting to miss a shot.  Of course, I did ask the store clerk if it was okay to photograph the cakes! She even took some out of the case for me!  I think cameras definitely bring out the niceness in others and  I know I have gained confidence through the eye of my camera!!

No way I could bake something so beautiful!

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Chocolate is definitely an indulgence!
It makes us happy, it gives us comfort, and is meant to be shared!
It is delicious, happy, seductive and gives us so much pleasure. 

Fun prompt this week Bella and thanks to her daughter for coming
up with the photo idea this week!  I was a little slow, but I got it!
Excuse me . . . while I perk some yummy coffee and go for something chocolate??

Godiva, Godiva everywhere . . . question is which one to choose?

I just have to end my post with the most precious picture about Chocolate
I think this little man describes it perfectly!
I received this photo the day after I posted from my co-worker Destinie,
her son was enjoying some chocolate. 

Mr. Kaine Ore
(aka Mr. Adorable!)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Monday! Sharing the word!

Registration is now!  Don't miss this fun opportunity!

I have just returned from a wonderful three day getaway in the Outer Banks!  It was a time of renewal and being with my incredible and precious family.  
I came home to my computer and tons of email!  I really did enjoy going to a cottage with no wireless this weekend, it taught me to truly slow down and enjoy what was right in front of me.  I was able to rest, read, watercolor, walk the beaches, eat great seafood, hold hands with my hubby and enjoy time with my kids.  Each day was relaxing and full of promise!

I am so glad I checked my computer this morning!  I was reminded of this wonderful opportunity

I participated in this last year and enjoyed it so much that I have signed up again for it this year.  Each year Beth Nichols of Do What You Love for Life puts this swap together.  I am sure it takes a lot of energy and planning to make this a success.  I know that Beth is a busy lady, she has an amazing e-course you might want to check out.  She lives in Yorkshire, in the north of England!  It is amazing to me how we are all so far apart, yet so close together because of the internet. So I wanted to share this opportunity with you in case you hadn't heard about it!  Last year the theme was Love and this year is Bloom.  
(Two of my favorite words I love to use in my collages)
I have added the link above and it is on my sidebar, it will take you right there!  Don't delay, the deadline is on Wednesday of this week.    Let me know if you signed up, you will have fun creating something wonderful!  You will get something wonderful in your own mailbox in return!

I decided to add a picture of my postcard from last year.  I really did enjoy the experience and look forward to it again this year.  It would be even more special if some of my friends were participating too!  I remember that I created extras and sent them out to friends!  I know I will do that again this year, each card I made was a little different!  I didn't want any to be the same! Truly, none of my friends are the same . . . that is what makes them unique!

May you always have Love in your life!

Donna Lee