Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Creative Process .

I am always amazed when the Creative Process takes hold.
There are days, sometimes weeks, nothing seems to come,
and there are days when in the studio,
it just overflows and time passes quickly.
The process of play and intuition go hand in hand for me.
The hardest thing for me is blocking out time in the studio,
it is rare these days.

I have been so blessed to take workshops
with some amazing Artists,
attend soul inspiring retreats,
work on some wonderful e-courses
and with each workshop and each book read,
I learn something new ... I take a creative nugget
and apply it to my own artwork.

We are all in this Creative Process together!
I am grateful for the knowledge and experience
I have gained over the past few years.
Now I am creating my own works,
with my own style and techniques,
choosing a color palette 
and designs that speak 

 I have been creating my own canvas work 
to fill my home,
I felt it was time to hang my own work,
not just the work of artists I have admired over the years.
I have created large canvas works as gifts for others,
each one carrying their own unique style,
feeling proud of my own accomplishments
as an Artist.
It has taken quite sometime for me to
call myself An Artist,
and mean it with confidence!

Creativity is a gift,
time alone to create is a gift,
having my own room to create in is definitely a gift.
How I feel a sense of wonder
whenever I enter the studio,
filled with white lights, art supplies,
and inspiration from others!

I am at home with my brushes,
I have learned to just let them move on the canvas,
letting them dance all by themselves.
I love just letting Creativity flow,
there were so many years I tried to follow
others style perfectly, being afraid
to step out on my own,
Believe me, I don't think that way anymore!

The Process is about letting go,
no judgement and certainly no rules,
that is where my best work happens!

Now I am teaching others through An Artful Spirit,
I am thrilled beyond any measure
to share what I know,
every quarter my Artful Spirit partner Suzan Thompson and I
lead others in day long mini art retreats,
the days are filled with magic and creativity!
You can check out our latest offering here
Our next will be held on February 28, 2015
at the beautiful
Virginia Beach Resort Hotel
I would love to see you there
and you too can learn this
beautiful and meditative painting process!

Sending you blessings, love
and all the creative moments you can find in your life.

Donna Lee