Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Journaling with Heart

My latest journal keeping my attention

I have been Art Journaling for eight years or more
and I totally love the process!
It is where I can be myself,
record my thoughts and dreams and experiences,
it is mine and no one else's!
I do see that my techniques have changed over the years,
and my journals are becoming
even more personal, refined and fine-tuned.

I purchased the sweetest journal (pictured above) 
from Anthropologie (my favorite store ever!) last year,
and I have been working in it recently like crazy!
When I was at Squam 2015, two years ago, I had the pleasure
of taking an all day journal class with the amazing
it was entitled "Turn the Page"
and my journaling changed from there on out!
We were to bring a book, any book and we would learn
that day to transform it into a magical place of the heart.
I warn you ... it is a truly addictive art!

I completed that book recently,
carried it back to Squam 2016
to show it to Colleen and let her know
how much her guidance meant to me.
 It is filled with moments, ideas, love and so much more.
I was truly saddened when I filled the last page!
What a treasure I now have!
It is filled with my life's journey!

My completed journal

I began working in my Anthropologie journal last year
when I traveled to Providence, RI
and spent sweet time with an amazing group
of creative sisters.
I have been working in that journal ever since.
These journals take time to fill and work within,
I am in no rush to fill them, I want them to
grow and grow.

Each day I write a poem, an idea, personal thoughts
and so much more.
In fact just today, my little Grandson Grayson
drew a page of art for me to cherish forever!

My little artist Grayson's addition

With each page, my heart is attached to the journal
even more.
The pages begin to fill with all kinds of wonderfulness!
I sew, glue, use washi tape, draw, watercolor,
tear magazine images, transform pages, build pockets, Zentangle® borders,
draw Mandalas, record my hopes and dreams  ...

How this one looks today!

When someone sends me a love note in the mail,
I save it.
If someone quotes something amazing I don't want to forget,
I save it
If I attend an amazing workshop or retreat, 
I always bring it with me,
filling the pages with ideas and notes I never want to forget.
I've learned to play with my art, collect pictures,
change the pages,
add "stuff"
making the pages a wonderland of my own little world.
Here are a few pages I would like to share with you ...

So if you haven't had the pleasure of working on a personal journal,
I encourage you to just begin.
Go find a journal that speaks to you ...
literally jumps into your hands,
or buy an old book and convert the pages,
just find one and begin.
Make it personal, make it yours ...
don't forget to write things that are important to you!
Moments you don't want to forget,
Record your heart feelings,
do some sketching,
save special mementos,
just begin!!!!

I promise you it will be worth it
and as the years pass you will have recorded
your life ... your amazing life.
What a treasure it will become, I promise you!

Donna Lee