Friday, March 8, 2013

A Poetry Moment

"She keeps returning to the ocean shore
to find clarity, peace and inner strength"

Ocean Waves

roaring and tumbling
every moment
every day
God's mightiness is revealed
knows no time
has always been
a constant force to reckon with

washing in
drifting out
fierce and mighty
respect is demanded

how I draw near to the
ocean waves
for here I feel safe and calm
a place to be with 
my inner thoughts
granting me renewal
calmness and strength

(artwork inspired from Somerset Journaling magazine)

Monday, March 4, 2013

What a great day!

It started early on a Saturday Morning,
8:00 am I arrived at the Hotel,
ready to set up and face the day!
I asked myself,
"Was this really happening?"
An Artful Spirit Workshop,
all the planning, working, and dreaming.
Was it really coming true at that moment,
oh yes it was!

How happy my colleague Suzan and I
were to see our name announced
It made it all seem so real!

There we were capturing every happy moment!
We knew it was going to be a day filled with 
creativity and spontaneity. 
We were eager to start our adventure!

We played with spray inks, acrylics, crayons,
stabilo pencils, spray paints, gesso, watercolors,
oil pastels, stencils, palette knifes, words, images,
papers, papers and more papers.
We learned the magic of painting with our fingers
and getting our hands dirty!
I have learned so many wonderful techniques
through e courses, retreats, books and magazines.
It was hard for me to realize that I was
now the teacher sharing what I have learned.

There were art supplies everywhere,
more than anyone could use in just one day,
there was relaxing music playing,
fellowship, conversation and giggling!
We created painted papers, 
journals, collages, bookmarks,
little notecards and
extras to take home and create
something unique of our own.

Each workshop was filled
with learning, experimenting,
a sharing of ideas and techniques.
Each class was two and half hours long,
there was plenty of time to relax
and enjoy the process
of learning something new!
We even enjoyed a nice lunch time
overlooking the
Chesapeake Bay!

A story read out loud
before beginning our next workshop 
The Art of Wabi Sabi Watercolor ... 
a Japanese view or process 
of accepting what is
letting go of imperfection
It was the perfect workshop and ending to our day!

Learning to let go of expectations
Enjoying the process
Relaxing and Receiving
what was meant for each of us
that day
I even shared a little of my own poetry!
(For Poetry always finds it way into my life)

Gathering together
for just one magical day.
A day full of love and laughter,
fellowship, letting go and creating.

I am so very proud to have been
a part of this amazing experience.
YES to envisioning what you want to happen!
YES to making your dreams come true!
YES to stepping out and leading others!
YES to sharing your dream with others!
YES to happy successes!
YES to saying we did it well!

We are already thinking about 
our next adventure!
This time perhaps we will make it a weekend gathering.
Hmmmmm . . . I see a pajama painting party
stirring around in my head!
Thanks for letting me share today.
My heart is so full.

donna lee