Friday, November 15, 2013

My Zentangle Experience

Greeting me as I entered Hotel Providence
We were off to a great start!

Where do I even begin to tell you
about my Zentangle Certification weekend?
I am not really sure that I can put into words,
but I am going to try!

I have truly been drawn to this 
beautiful and meditative drawing process
for quite some time.
I have taken classes at Art and Soul,
had private instruction,
and sought out any CZT
I could find in my area,
it just didn't seem to be enough.

My interest continued to grow,
I was constantly finding myself
with a Zentangle tile and Micron Pen
in my possession.
I then looked into the certification weekend,
got on a waiting list for this year,
never dreaming it would happen ...
yet the email came that there was a slot opened!!
All the doors began to open up for me
and I knew I was intended to be there.

I shared with the hubby why I truly wanted to do this,
booked a flight to Providence,
cleared my work schedule,
(even had my baby granddaughter born in between!)
and I found my way there.
Never truly realizing what was just ahead.

Hotel Providence 

It truly was a magical four days,
I learned so much ...
Rick and Maria's philosophy of Zentangle,
their love story,
met their wonderful family,
learned techniques and tangles,
the responsibility of being a CZT,
I met wonderful new friends,
cried a little (it was so wonderful)
and of course
bought some treats from the store
to bring home with me!

I was truly immersed in the
Zentangle experience,
knowing all the while
 what a gift this trip truly was
and I didn't want to leave.

My classmates!
I got to learn and create next to them every day

We put our names in
a hat (Zentangled of course)
and I won this amazing 
artwork created by Maria
a treasure beyond words
and can you believe it ... a Mandala!
Everything unfolded just as it was supposed to.

"It is good to have and end to journey towards ...
but it is the journey that matters in the end"

Rick and Maria
and the entire Zentangle team
(all family by the way)
presented in such a beautiful way.
From the moment we entered the hotel, 
to the incredible meals,
fellowship time between sessions,
hand calligraphy autographs,
name tags, journals and certificates,
a collaborate art piece,
a graduation ceremony
and the very fun group photo!!
Every detail was thought out with such
love and attention.

Maria hand calligraphed by book!

How I love the name Donna Lee even more now!

There were 108 attendees
and we each participated in a collaborative art piece,
which one lucky attendee
got to bring home!

(The section I added to)

Here is the finished piece ... Breathtaking!

I am grateful for what I learned,
all that I experienced and took in ...
I am so proud to represent
 the Zentangle art form
to others now.

I will hold true to 
Rick and Maria's philosophy
and protect it.
They have worked so hard
to develop this technique
in such a beautiful and amazing way.

Working in this art form
has changed my artistic perspective
and I just can't wait to share it with others.
I already am booked to teach
this amazing process.
I realized that after much searching,
I have found my artistic home.

Zentangle is yummy
and full of such possibility!
If you are interested in spending time learning
with me in a safe and creative environment, 
I think you know where to find me!

Our celebration cupcake after graduating!

Donna Lee, CZT
Certified Zentangle Teacher
(wow ... that's me!)