Thursday, October 3, 2013

Creative Process

creativity happening here

Creative Process ...
We all have one,
a routine we create in order to start working
favorite items around us
music playing in the background
our favorite apron on
our special workplace

As I was creating a small Zentangle this morning
I took a look around my studio ...
it was filled with my favorite things
and I realized that I truly love my space.
My studio is filled with stuff,
my stuff
all beautiful reminders from friends 
and past experiences.
They all fill me to the brim with happiness

Oh yes I do have a beginning ritual
I perform before beginning any art project.
My candles must be lit,
I can smell my sage incense burning gently
I love my studio window to be open
so I can hear the gentle beginnings of the day,
I have a small meditation bell
tied to my work lamp,
I hit it before I begin
for I love to hear the small ringing sound
gently fading away
and I know it is time to begin.
If I am lucky and have the time,
how I love to begin by reading a poem
from one of my favorite poets,
it just seems to ground me.

It takes so much to get started
and when in the creative process,
"the bubble", the "zone,
it takes so much for me to stop.
 Enjoying the process
is such an awesome thing ..

I wonder
what is your creative process,
what does it take for you 
to stop living the day to day stuff
and come to your art space and work?  
To just begin ...

I'd love to hear

Donna Lee
(It feels so good to be back in the studio creating again after my little heart detour)