Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Twelve Things on a Wednesday

I always pass this tree when picking up my little Annabelle

 The smell of Autumn is intoxicating

One must always find time to nurture the inner self

Slowing down forces us to take a deeper look

Rest is important, so very important

Reconnection with friends is always a must

Time spent near the ocean is rejuvenating

Writing a handwritten letter for someone is a beautiful gift 

We are all too busy, we are forgetting to look UP

We should be asking ourselves "What truly guides us?"

Letting go is very hard to work through

Poetry is a gift that is often not appreciated

Life is moving way to quickly these days

Just found myself with these thoughts in my head
Sometimes we just have to get the thoughts down on paper
(or computer as it is here!)
I hope you have a blessed rest of your week,
take the time to listen to what's inside,
write them down, get them out,
sort them out,
they have come for a reason.
Stop and listen

Donna Lee