We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving and we all have the power to make wishes come true; as long as we keep believing ~Louisa May Alcott~

Monday, September 19, 2016


Wisdom comes in all forms . . .
I found this tree recently and had to capture it with my camera.
I remember standing there for quite some time
just marveling at it's beauty.

Each limb carried such history,
it's roots were strong and mighty.
It was still hanging on to the leaves of summer,
yet it was gradually beginning to change
and let go of some leaves.

It stood there as if to say,
"Come Donna Lee and sit with me awhile"
and so I did!
Ask yourself when was the last time you just sat
under a tree, breathed in the fresh air
and heard the sounds of nature singing to you in the background?
I didn't bring my paints, or sketchbook, or Zentangle® with me,
I just sat in the presence of nature,
and it was so calming.
Sometimes I feel like I always have to be doing something.
It makes me wonder what I have been missing.
Even in creating Art, we might not see the beauty
happening around us.
I am grateful for this tree, what a wonderful
lesson I learned that day.

As I re-read my past blog entries,
I am consistently reading a theme of 
quiet, slow down, breathing it all in,
a need for calmness and rest.
I believe we are all searching for that in a small way.

I have entered my sixth year blogging,
I honestly don't know where the time has gone.
It has taught me to share my feelings,
get words onto the "virtual" page
and I now have a wonderful journal
of the past six years.
I have published my posts in book form,
I will always have a record of my thoughts and dreams
written here.

There is Wisdom in our lives,
our past experiences,
our art, our friendships, our families,
just in our day to day life journey.
Each experience is a stepping stone, 
guiding us along our own way.
I am grateful I have recorded mine
through this blog,
for she is a familiar friend to me.
Just like friendships,
sometimes we stray apart, 
time slips away from us
and then we come back together,
just picking up where we left off!
(Usually on a Monday morning)

Where do you find your own wisdom?
Where do you seek your comfort?
I would love to hear about it if you care to share.
Walk lightly as you step into this fall season.
Look at the beautiful changes nature is handing to us 
at this very moment.
Wasn't the Harvest Moon spectacular?
I sat under it for hours the other night,
just soaking in it's beauty!

Donna Lee

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Way We View Life . . .

The view from here

Life is such a beautiful thing!
Filled with love, family, incredible experiences,
hurts and disappointments,
resentments, broken relationships,
lessons learned, wishes granted,
broken promises, goals attained,
beautiful friendships,
blessing after blessing,
meaningful conversations
and so much more!
I've merely touched the surface

I have learned that it truly is
all about how we perceive what is right in front of us,
how we see things,
how we absorb what is happening
and how we react to things.
No two people view life with the same way.
Each of us carries a different perspective or point of view.
How many times have you seen something
so beautifully and someone you know
sees it as a negative or bother?

Standing right in front of me ... my friend chose not to see!

As a Tapestry Weaver,
I am constantly taught to slow myself down,
to think "what if" as I'm at the loom.
I try to see my weaving from a close perspective.
Perhaps that is why I view life the way I do.
I love viewing the world around me,
my eyes are truly WIDE open.
Everything becomes a photographic moment for me!
I love taking image after image,
because I know somewhere or somehow
they will show up again and be used in a blog post
or a card or something!

So I leave you with this thought ...
I would love for you to look at your own life
with a total open heart.
Look at the wonderful possibility,
don't see the negative hinderances.
See the beauty in all things
when if at all possible.
See the beauty of that last little rose bud,
still thriving and blooming;
rather than the empty thorns and dried up leaves
that are present on the same bush!
It's all there I promise you!

Especially with the significance of this day
for our nation, September 11th.
Here we are 15 years later,
each American still healing in there own way.
There are so many lessons we have learned as a nation
after all this time.
Each of us carrying our own perspectives.
May we truly never forget this day in history, NEVER!

May your week be filled with joy,
your days filled with promise and  possibility,
and your heart be free to love!

Donna Lee

Monday, August 29, 2016

A Happy Little Woven Piece

In my last post a few weeks ago, 
I was just beginning to work on a 
small tapestry face.
It was a project I had wanted to try
for such a long time.
I had recently finished weaving
my Eccentric Woven Eyeglass Case
and my sweet Mirrix Loom was sitting empty
and ready for a new warp!

I had just added the Spencer Treadle
(an electric foot pedal)
to my 22" Zach Mirrix Loom,
and I was eager to give it a try.
I put on a small 3" wide warp,
sketched a small face
(inspired by my sweet friend Mindy Lacefield)
you can find her online class on painting faces
right here
Instead of using paints, I was going to create with fiber!
(I even used some of my handspun yarn for her hair)

Each morning before work
I sat at the loom and wove a little before my day began,
sometimes a coffee and scone helped me along!

Boy did I learn many lessons during this tiny
weaving project ...  I didn't think something so
small could teach me so much!

It's definitely not as easy as it seems

I had to learn to adjust to an electric pedal for sure

Even with a small cartoon behind, the design might change

Tapestry continues to kick my butt

I am learning and growing stronger as a Tapestry Artist

I love this weaving process so much

Mirrix Looms are amazing for sure

I made some mistakes, but I also learned how to correct them

I am inspired by other Tapestry Weavers
that make this look so easy

So meet my little "Ruthie"
dedicated to the amazing
who inspires me with her weaving,
her gentleness and her wonderful faces.
She makes it all seem so effortless!

One day I will have the pleasure of
taking one of her classes in person!!!

I'm kinda in love with her!
I wonder what my next little person will look like,
can't wait to start another one!

Have a great rest of your summer ...
I'll return after Labor Day with a more regular blog posting.
I told myself I would return to my big tapestry the beginning of fall,
and I have to put a new warp on my Mirrix to keep working
on my online class with the amazing Rebecca Mezoff!
Summer time is meant to have no rules and no deadlines!
It has been a special time of being with family, my puppy,
taking the time to rest the soul,
rejuvenate my spirit,
and prepare for the fall!
I did all that and more!

Donna Lee
Tapestry Artist
(well ... Learning and Discovering Tapestry Artist!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Summer Slow Down Continues!

Reminder for me written in the sand

I look over my blog this morning 
and realize it has been a month since I have written anything!
I must be having a great summer slow down,
just what I needed for sure!

Summer is such a great time for rest and renewal.
We all need that don't we?
I spent a week with my precious family
in the Outer Banks.
(If you are a mommy/grandmommy
you know how wonderful it is to have
your whole sweet family under one roof
for an entire week!)
Oh the kisses and hugs and joy I received.

My treasures!

 Intention setting on the beach

 Re-creating one of my favorite photos of my precious boys
(They were troopers!)
How blessed am I!!!!!

Poetry and Latte in the mornings

So as you can see, I had a very good time away.
The ocean always brings me back to focus.
How grateful I am for family, time away and rejuvenation!

As I have returned home I have been able to 
have quiet mornings to pursue my artwork,
and I am learning new things all the time.
Here is a peek at some of my work:

 Playing with Inks, Words and of course Mandalas!

 Playing with Abstract Watercolors

 Creating Originals for cards

Playing with White Ink on Black tiles
for a future Zentangle® class

Fun collecting botanicals for my flower press

My lace shawl I started at Squam is progressing

I love creating my art . . . it truly soothes my soul.
There are days when I have no time to create anything,
and then there are mornings I feel like I have all the time in the world
to explore new ideas!
Funny how life works that way!

So here I am less than two weeks away from
59 years old
and I am having a most beautiful
summer slow down.
No worries, creating my art,
spending time with family,
writing and of course ... napping!

My creation of Zentangle on a  24" x 24" wooden panel

I am just beginning to try weaving
a small tapestry face . . . something I have been wanting to try.
So I sketched a sweet little face
inspired by my friend and teacher
Instead of painting a face,
I will be using fibers . . . wish me luck!

A weaving cartoon to create by

I hope that you are able to have a slow down 
of your very own this summer season.
I encourage you to do something out of the ordinary.
Walk the ocean shore if there is one nearby,
hike in the woods and explore nature,
try writing a poem,
learning something new,
hey ... how about stopping what you are doing
and have a long three hour nap!

Wishing you peace and love
these final days of summer!

Donna Lee

Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Slow Down

Zentangle on the Beach

It was a beautiful weekend,
full of yummy goodness!
My husband Jimmy turned 60 years old!
We celebrated with a family Tides baseball game (his request)
and Gelato from Strawberry Fields afterward.
It was a wonderful celebration,
how we love our family!

Gotta have a selfie at the ball game!

Photo compliments of Heather Wynn Photography!

Greeting Jimmy when we arrived to Strawberry Fields
(It certainly helps that your kids own the shop!)

Saturday was absolutely perfect weather,
I started my early morning
weaving on my deck.
I so wanted to finish my Mirrix Loom Weave-A-Long
and I had just 2 1/2" to go ... easy right?
Wow it took me a very long time but it was worth it,
I finished!
With a cup of coffee nearby, the birds singing 
and a gentle breeze it wasn't that hard.
I don't want to even think of how many hours I have put into
this Tapestry Project.
As I have written before, it taught me many things.
I totally loved the challenge!

Found a new place to weave ... outside!

Well my 2 1/2" turned into almost three hours,
sure I was up and down;
but I steadily wove during that time.
Now I needed to cut it off the loom,
and assemble it!

Cut off the loom and finishing it up

My complete work ... hand sewn and beautiful!
A true treasure for me!

Saturday I was quiet at home,
taking care of this project,
my puppy and cleaning.
Much needed for sure!
We have been running so much I was
reminded how good it is to just slow down,
care for my home, my family and myself.

Summer does that for us.
It gives us permission to slow way down.
In a world of hustle bustle most of the time,
here we have been given a season of taking it easier.
Sunshine, beaches, reading books, laying in the sun,
tending to our gardens,
delicious salads and yummy light foods,
quietness in our own backyards,
time with family,
time to nap,
create art, write poetry.
Time to just soak in all the goodness of life.

There is something magical about a sand dune!
I never grow tired of seeing them.

My Sunday was the ending of a perfect weekend.
Worship at my beloved Trinity Church
with family and friends,
started packing for my Outer Banks Week
and then a quick trip to the ocean,
Sandbridge Beach,
just twenty minutes away.
Dinner out for some seafood,
Zentangle® on the Beach,
and a quick swim.
The perfect ending to a perfect weekend!

May your summer be filled with
all good things.
Take the time to slow down,
be good to your own self,
re-prioritize what's important.
Thanks for taking the time to visit with me,
I cherish you and writing!

Donna Lee

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A dozen positive thoughts . . .

Found along the Lake Shore last weekend

I have been battling Bronchitis
for ten days now,
(just passing grand baby germs back and forth!)
I could say I haven't felt very well, (woe is me)
and didn't want to do a whole lot.
When our bodies are weak,
so is our spirit.

I've been working on my watercolors lately,
I am always drawn back to them,
here is a peak at my art table lately
I really love it don't you?

My creative safe haven

I decided to get over the sickness stuff ...
be positive and think about the good things,
so here are my thoughts on this Tuesday Summer Morning!

Life is a gift each and every day . . . don't take it for granted

Dwell on the positive, never the negative

See the beauty all around you . . . I promise you it's there

Kindness goes so much further than you know

See the good that is right in front of you

Lending a hand to others helps you feel so much better

Creativity stirs the soul in a very good way

Music and Dancing are life desserts

Family is a treasure ... mend those broken fences

Grandchildren's hugs and kisses are the best ever

You do make a difference in this life of ours . . . never forget it

Quiet your heart and mind ... the calmness will come 

Drawing always slows me down

May your week be filled with beauty
Look for the good in all things
Be creative in anyway you can
Spread love to your neighbors
Do something totally different

I'm looking forward to the long holiday weekend,
how about you?

Donna Lee

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tapestry Teaches Patience


I have been participating in a "Weave-A-Long"
for a little while now,
I thought this eyeglass case would be easy
and that I could just whip it out!
I had to think again!
I love working on my 22" Zach Mirrix loom,
while my big loom in the studio is occupied
with an even bigger project!

I have been working on Part Two of
(another incredible learning experience)
for awhile now and just wanted to play with my loom
before diving into Part Three (can't wait)

I purchased the kit for the eyeglass case,
loved the colored yarn choices
and Claudia's hand dyed silks were beautiful
to blend in with the fibers.
I was ready to go.

Warping the loom is one of my favorite
parts of weaving.
It is a slow process; it requires lots of thinking
but the end result forms the foundation
on which to weave.
I love it.

Slowly tapestry begins to form

I was playing around with a process
called Eccentric Weave,
something I wanted to learn, 
but was afraid to try.
So when Mirrix Looms offered this
project and I could learn the weave structure,
I was excited to try!

My little Annabelle loves helping me weave
Beating is her favorite thing!

I am sure that many of the participants
in the Weave A Long have finished their
Eyeglass Case project,
I have not.
In fact, I have learned so much with 
each and every row woven in this project.

Here are my lessons learned:

Eccentric weave is beautiful and fun

I don't want to rush any project
because I am enjoying every row

Tapestry teaches me to slow down
and to enjoy the process of weaving
(It's not always about the finished product)

For me weaving along other people
is a motivator, but I still must go at my own pace

Tapestry weaving cannot be done quickly

I love weaving in the quiet with no distractions,
I can hear my inner voice coming through

I wish others could learn this amazing art

Tapestry allows the fibers to run through my fingers,
it's all about a sense of touch

Tapestry weaving is a meditative art
it forces me to slow down, think and take it in.

Tapestry speaks to me

Every row teaches me something new

As of this morning 4 1/2" woven ... 3 more to go!

On this quiet Tuesday morning with coffee in hand,
it seemed like the perfect time to write about something
I am extremely passionate about!
I love to weave quietly in the morning,
before things begin to happen in our household,
it is a gift I give to myself!

Perhaps this is why the words of
rings so true in my own life . . .
I have certainly loved this song my whole life!

"My life is just a Tapestry of rich and golden hue . . ."

Me and my Hokett loom while traveling to Squam Retreat,
(Fiber and Weaving are always with me)

If you ever get the chance to learn this gentle art,
I encourage you to do so!
There are so many opportunities out there,
and weaving have had an explosion of attention lately.
I'm glad I have come full circle after 35 years,
and returned to where I began my own weaving journey.
Oh the lessons I have learned and I have so far to go.
I love to think of the yarn fibers that have passed
through my hands over the years.

I stand here grateful for having been drawn to this process
oh so long ago.
I am a better person today because of it.
Patience and slowing down is slipping away from all of us,
I'm just glad that when I sit at my loom,
even if only for a few minutes in a day,
it speaks to me ...
Donna Lee just enjoy where you are right here and right now
nothing else matters in this moment.
Relax and breathe it all in

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Return to Squam

Wow ... looking back at my blog I
realize I haven't posted since my amazing
Maryland Sheep and Wool Experience!
Where did the time go?

I was busy preparing for my teaching at Squam 2016,
working as an Optician, and of course,
watching over my three little grandchildren!
Time does get away from me quite often lately.
Trying to find balance in life
between work, family and my teaching schedule.
Somewhere in there, I try to fit in some ART!

It was just a week ago that I attended and taught
at the amazing Squam 2016
at Squam Lake in New Hampshire.
I was gone for five incredible days.
To say it was Magical and Life Calming
doesn't seem to be enough,
it was a rare and generous gift!

I think it will be best to describe my experience
through my photos.
I grew spiritually, stretched my teaching wings,
had the sweetest roommate Kerry Lemon,
met new friends, deepened current friendships,
quieted my heart, tried new things, heard new poems,
helped others feel comfortable and welcomed,
walked along the trails in appreciation
and reconnected with my true self.
So here you go . . . Squam through my eyes.

A familiar greeting when I arrived

My Cabin ... Point Comfort

My view everyday from our bedroom

Mindy Tsonas's amazing Dream Catcher

My wish to come true

The familiar and beautiful Woven Heart

Walking the trails to class ... yarn bombs leading the way

My amazing classroom for three days

My Class Sample found a special spot

Students faced this beauty while they drew

We came inside the circle for reflections and insights

Students embracing the Zentangle® process

Some of their completed works ... so proud of their creations

 Beauty found along the trail

The gift of Peace along the trail (heart throb!)

 This beauty morning and night in our cabin
Fire in June ... hey I'll take it!

A treasured gift from Mindy Tsonas

Mini Workshop with Tierney Barden ... Paper cutting
My word was Squam

A different message each day before entering dining hall

Simple pleasures along your way

Working quietly to the sounds of nature

Mandala paintings drying before drawing on them

Creating a mosaic of our work from the day

Busy art tables

A small nature mandala demo

Jean was
 our winner of Louise Gale's new Mandala Book!
Thank you Louise!!! 

Emily won the class demo to take home!

Our students display of work at share table

 Creating a Squam Totem in Kat Stromecki's Class
It was so yummy!
My cherished totem to bring home!

 Found some quiet time on the dock for weaving

 How I love these two!
Mindy and Forrest
They worked the magic for everyone who attended!
How grateful I am to call them friends

Last night ... the Art Fair

Impromptu photo taken by Elizabeth
Oh how grateful I am to have these two amazing women
Elizabeth and Colleen
in my life!

as you can see it was an amazing five days away from home.
Coming as a teacher was an even deeper experience for me.
Elizabeth thank you for your love and trust in me.
She has created a safe place for so many.
I hope each one of you will look into attending
just once in your life,
it will be a gift that keeps on giving.

This was a long post, but there was so much to share.
May your life be quiet and full of good things.
Trust in who you are and your own abilities.
Love yourself just a little bit more this week!

Donna Lee