Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why I Art Journal

Journaling thoughts to page

All week I was trying to decide
exactly what my blog post would be this week,
sometimes the ideas just don't come to me.

I took some quiet time in the studio this morning,
and created an art journal page ...
I had fixed myself a hot cup of Tazo Passion Tea
and the teabag was so juicy and full of color,
I wondered how it would look in my mixed media journal.
I just brushed the tea bag across the page
and let it dry,
I love the results, don't you?
Funny how Passion tea is a deep red when brewed,
but as it hit the page and dried,
it turned this gorgeous purple shade.

So I gave myself a moment to think about the word
and the thoughts kept coming.
Inspired by a little tea light, quiet in the room 
and my thoughts,
I filled the page

I realized then I knew what I would write
on the blog today!

Art Journaling is such a beautiful expression of self
I am filling the pages with inspiration,
different art techniques and ideas,
words, poems and mandalas.
I love looking back over previous journals,
with the dates (I always date my work)
to reflect on where I have come from.

There are so many art journal e courses
out there on the internet,
and I have participated in so many,
and learned so much from
incredible artists.
I have taught Art Journaling
at my own Artful Spirit Workshops,
and the response is always
that of delight and wonder.

Do yourself a favor,
find yourself a wonderful art journal,
(my favorite is the Canson Mixed Media Journal)
start with one page,
experiment with all types of art supplies,
ideas and techniques.
Get yourself a copy of
Art Journaling Magazine
by Somerset Studio,
have fun and LET GO!

Have a beautiful Wednesday,
it is for me ...
for Wednesdays are always Annabelle Lily days
and blogging here at Gentle Threads.
Each one of you, my friends and supporters
are a small and gentle thread in my life,
interwoven to complete a beautiful experience.
I am truly thankful you have come to visit with me today!

Donna Lee