Friday, May 13, 2016

Fun at another Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

It's hard to believe that last Friday
I was headed to 
The 43rd Annual Maryland Sheep and Wood Festival
in West Friendship, Maryland
(I am sure I have attended at least TWENTY FIVE!)
long before it became the sensation it is today!
Here it is a week later,
and I haven't found the time to write my blog post!

It was an amazing weekend,
time away with my sister,
reconnection with friends,
fiber, music, knitting, 
spinning on new wheels,
crowds, yummy goat cheese,
sheep shearing competitions,
color and texture stimulation,
(oh the yummy fibers I saw) 
and of course coming home
with some new fiber treats!

This time the trip was hard,
traffic was slow,
a four hour trip turned into six and a half,
cold rain and dampness took over,
I had a hard week before departing,
but still
the festival did what I needed it to do
 Restored my heart and love for fiber.
I had missed last year
and I really wanted to return to the sheep this year.
It did not disappoint me in any way!
I just love watching people from so many 
 different walks of life being
attracted to this fiber sensation just like me! 

My love for the festival
is always first and foremost
the sheep.
Spending time in the different barns,
petting and loving on the different breeds of sheep.
They are so sweet!
I never grow tired of seeing this part of the show.

Returning on Sunday morning is always our
favorite time.
We first have a wonderful breakfast at our favorite
French Bakery
then back to the fairgrounds
by 7:30 am!
(Parking is unbelievable if you don't arrive early)
A lot of people haven't arrived yet,
it's quiet and you can walk around and browse.
I finally get to see what I might have missed on Saturday,
with the huge crowds blocking my view!

The sheep shearing and shawl weaving is always
a fun thing to watch ...
it is always a favorite of mine

I was able to spin both days on a new wool spinner
called the MiniSpinner
This is one amazing spinner!
Perhaps I will put it on my wish list
for someday,
the least expensive model was
and came in a variety of gorgeous woods!

I did bring home a beautiful spinning batt
filled with gorgeous colors and fibers
and I can't wait to spin some yarn for my Tapestry,
I will continue to spin on my sweet
and ever faithful 
 Schacht Spinning Wheel
named Felicity

I was especially excited to meet
knitting designer Anne Hanson
Bare Naked Wools!
The booth was amazing, her pattern creations
were unbelievably beautiful.
It was hard to choose just one.
When I saw her latest shawl design on display,
I knew that would be my MSWF treasure to take home!
Isn't it stunning?????
Pattern and exact yarn came home with Donna Lee.
I just hope I can knit it!
(With my new size 7 circular needles from Signature)

She was so sweet to let me take a photo with her!
Quiet and Gracious,
oh so talented Anne.

I could go on and on about this amazing festival,
but I don't want my post to be too long!
How I love seeing this familiar friend greet me
each and every year  . . .
It let's me know I am welcome here
and I have returned HOME.

If you ever have the chance to attend
this amazing show please do so.
Mark your calendar now for next year!
It is always the first full weekend in May
and has been Forty Three years and counting.
Come for the experience of it,
come for the sheep . . .
they will never disappoint!

I am so glad I am a fiber artist ... I love
knitting, spinning and weaving.
It seems to me I have been in fiber my whole life.
It is a gentle art, as are the sheep where the fiber comes from.
It is so beautiful to see others
appreciating exactly what I love so very much.
All of the fiber arts take time, but it is so worth the time.
Fiber Arts slow us down, they teach us to appreciate the
sweet things in this life.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend,
do something fun for yourself.
Stretch your wings,
appreciate where you are right here and right now!
Blessings to you,
Donna Lee