Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Being Open

I am open to a world of wonder!
A recent Instagram photo of mine!

Open . . . 
such a beautiful word!
It makes me contemplate
all that is around me,
all that is in my heart and soul,
all that I am dreaming of and
all that I have become.

I am open to new things,
creative ideas,
learning something new,
I am always open to change.

My heart is open wide,
I am learning more and more
with each new day!
I never want to get
close minded,
negative or hard hearted.
I want to keep the door open wide.

Life is full of beauty.
I am surrounded by love,
growth, family and friends.
My heart is open wide,
open . . . open . . . open
to what comes next.
what will be next?

My creative life is growing and exploding,
open to new techniques,
new friendships
and new artistic experiences.

Open . . . 
the beauty of one simple word!