Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Learning the Art of Calligraphy

View from my studio desk
(See my amazing cup by Alisa Burke???)

I have always been in love with the art of Calligraphy,
it's beauty and flow onto the page
or receiving an enveloped invitation in the mail.
It was something I always wanted to learn,
but other art forms kept taking their attention
in front of the line!
It was just one of those "bucket list" items
I hoped to get around to learning!

I took a beginning Calligraphy class
with my sister at the end of 2014.
It is where I teach Zentangle,
at The Muse in Norfolk,
it was only two and a half hours,
but it certainly got my interest!
I knew one class was just not enough!

I began to practice, practice, practice.
I created a Pinterest board for inspiration,
you can browse it here ...
Then I realized I needed more attention,
fellowship with other learners,
for reading books
(and there are some wonderful ones in my library)
just wasn't enough for me,
I need visuals, connection and motivation!

My book collection ... so far!

So like many of us, when you want to find out anything
you google it right?
I googled Calligraphy lessons Virginia Beach ....
up popped the name of
"Betsy Rivers-Kennedy"
went to her website, saw her work,
emailed her about possible classes coming up
and four weeks later ....
I attended my first class Monday night!

My work station in class ... oh my I loved it!!!!

We jumped right in ...
there were eight of us, some were returning students
that just couldn't get enough!
I found my little corner of the table,
received my supplies from Elizabeth,
made my introductions
and we began.
She jumped right in ...
learning how to dip the ink, care for your nibs,
how to properly hold the Oblique pen,
and began ... it was that simple.
Learning to hold the pen at the proper angle
is something that definitely must be practiced!

She came around and watched us,
wrote on our practice sheets for guidance,
all the while writing upside down!
She was pretty amazing.
Everyone quietly worked and shared
to soft beautiful music in the background.
I even found a new Instagram buddy!

The Art Studio we were working in was
so delightful for a learning experience,
I had NEVER heard of it before,
and had to use my Google Maps
to find it,
hidden quietly in our Downtown Norfolk area!
It's called One 11 Art!
So for four weeks, on a Monday night,
from 7:00 to 9:00pm
it will be my learning home!!

Practice sheets to guide me along

I feel as though I have found
what I have been searching for ...
sounds kinda silly huh?
I love the art forms that quiet my soul,
calm my heart and produce a gentle feeling inside.
My Zentangle, Watercolor Painting, Poetry
and now Calligraphy seem to all
go hand in hand with each other.
I can see how I can use all four mediums together
to produce amazing works.

We have to certainly try a lot of art techniques,
to finally give ourselves permission to settle in.
I have definitely settled into my art,
my life, my direction, my teaching
and I am here to say
it feels pretty darn good
at 57 years young!

I encourage you to not settle for just what is,
look beyond your normal routine,
find your own expression, not others!
Reach out and try something new,
search in your area for learning possibilities,
you won't be disappointed!
Change and Growth are all part of the process,
Learning forms who we are,
just step out of your comfort zone,
you may just find a treasure awaiting you,
I certainly have ...

Written by my teacher for me!