Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Living Poetically

There is a poem in all that I see

I have been in love with reading and writing and poetry
for as long as I can remember . . .
I was never great at math and science,
but I excelled in the Arts,
English and Literature!
(No surprise there)

Life has a certain way of distracting us
from doing the things we love the most.
(for me it was always writing)
Throughout the years I was
filling journals, scribbling poems,
reading and writing about my life.
I was also raising a family, working,
creating a life, 
so my writing didn't always get priority.

When I began care taking my parents
through their life taking diseases;
I found myself returning to the page.
I would write about the experiences I was going through,
it just felt good to get it all out.
I began writing poetry more seriously,
and the words were flowing at just the right pace.

I enrolled in several online courses, 
took writing classes at retreats
(instead of art) with some amazing writers
and I began to feel as though I had my voice back!
I am so grateful to those writing pioneers out there ...
they are truly amazing. Encouraging others to put pen to page.
I learned so much, something just for me from each and every one of them. 
Dare I mention them here, hoping I don't leave someone out ...
(just click their name ... I have linked you to their magic)

In 2013, I wanted to write a poem a day,
for exactly 100 days.
 I wanted to add my own photography to each poem,
it was a true labor of love and I learned so much.
The discipline of that experience
I will forever carry with me.
They are simple poems and from my heart
you can find them all here . . .

Now I have become the newest
Vice President of the Southeastern Region
for the Poetry Society of Virginia
and I am super excited
to be spreading the poetic news of Virginia!
I am honored, excited, humbled and ready to get working.

Poetry is a gift to all
It changes lives and when shared can be a gift to others.
I am totally in love with words,
writing them, reading them and sharing them.
How about you?
I would love to hear your poetry and writing experiences!

I leave you with this thought . . .
Look at all the beauty around you day to day,
take the time to write about it . . .
Treat yourself to a sweet little journal,
jot any thoughts or feelings 
you might come up with throughout your life,
who knows it may just become a poem one day!

Life is an open door ... don't be afraid to just step through!

Donna Lee