Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Holiday Blizzard . . .

For those of you who are not familiar with Virginia Beach, Virginia
we aren't used to getting over a foot of snow!!!
What a white Christmas we had. 
It all began quickly Christmas night and continued to come with all of its beauty until seven p.m. the next evening!!! How beautiful and majestic it was.

Isn't it wonderful how life slows you down and makes you enjoy its wonder?? I made snow angels, took photos, made homemade hot cocoa, took naps, and of course took a hot candlelight bath, painted in the studio, played games with my family, watched old movies on TCM (my favorite channel), it was a peaceful time for me.

I was able to spend time with myself and think about all the events, friends, experiences and joys that have molded me in the past year and where I want to see myself in the new year.  I know that I need quiet time to do that and I was given that during this time out.  
I am so excited about where my artistic future is leading me...I feel like I am going to bust out with my creativeness!
I am getting ready to begin Misty Mawn's "Stretching Within Workshop" E-course and I am taking Marisa Haedike's "Life in the Fish Bowl" E-course, 
so I am going to be a very busy and inspired "artiste"!
I look forward to learning from two wonderful women and finding
something through each of their own incredible perspectives. 
What an opportunity this will be for me!

I am so glad for the time I had to slow down and enjoy all of God's beauty.  Nature is amazing in all of it's glory!  I think there are some watercolors coming my way from all of this inspiration!  Love to you and may you enjoy a time of reflection and time of pausing from your busy schedules.  I am happy to know you and be able to share our dreams and inspirations together.  Love to you in the last of our 2010!
My wish for you!!!  Love to You!