Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Zentangle is always near by me . . .

Created using Zendala tile!

I am always in love with the creative process,
I certainly share that enough here on my blog.
Recently, I have been trying my hand
at a few other pursuits ...
writing more poetry, art journaling in my
documented life journal,
working on my SoulCollage® process,
and loving the time I spend with my grandchildren!

When I do have a still moment,
a quiet time to reflect and draw,
I always find myself returning to
my first love

Zentangle and the Mandala Process

White on Black tiles ... another technique

Another love of mine ... Watercolor and Zentangle 

I always carry a small bag with my Zentangle supplies,
it was the bag I got in my very first class,
so it carries some sentimental value for me!!
It's also a great way of starting a conversation
when out in public!
All of my Zentangle students receive one as well,
they get so excited when they peek inside!

My Zentangle kit goes everywhere with me

So whenever I have a quiet moment,
at work, in the coffee shop, waiting for a doctor,
waiting for a flight in the airport ...
I usually pull out my little Z bag.

I love how this process is there for me at anytime.
It relaxes me when there is stress,
cures my insomnia in the middle of the night,
calms my heart and spirit,
it helps me with my writing process
and so much more.

I've been teaching this Zentangle process
since November, 2014
and have been practicing Zentangle
since 2012.
My journey has brought me to many
wonderful places to share and teach,
I have met so many wonderful students
who are continuing the process,
long after their class is over.
That truly delights my heart!

Sharing the process with my sister girlfriends during a retreat weekend!

I have lots of wonderful classes coming up in 2015,
you can catch my next classes at
The Muse Writing Center here,
I am always available for private or group sessions.
I have taught this process in many settings now,
and I still am surprised at the wonderful opportunities
teaching brings to me.

Students from Hermitage Museum

 I will be traveling to New Hampshire in June
to share this process at the amazing
I am beyond the moon about this opportunity,
Squam Lake, Zentangle, the beautiful woods,
girlfriend fellowship, reconnections with special people,
spending time with the amazing
 Elizabeth Duvivier, founder and creator of Squam!

A favorite moment at Squam in the City
Elizabeth, Bella and Me!

My 2015 is filling up fast
and I am truly grateful for the opportunities
that teaching Zentangle has brought me.
Each time I pick up my pen,
I get lost in this amazing process
and I want others to feel the same!
Blessings to you on your Wednesday!

Donna Lee
(Facilitator of Love and Creativity)