Monday, August 29, 2016

A Happy Little Woven Piece

In my last post a few weeks ago, 
I was just beginning to work on a 
small tapestry face.
It was a project I had wanted to try
for such a long time.
I had recently finished weaving
my Eccentric Woven Eyeglass Case
and my sweet Mirrix Loom was sitting empty
and ready for a new warp!

I had just added the Spencer Treadle
(an electric foot pedal)
to my 22" Zach Mirrix Loom,
and I was eager to give it a try.
I put on a small 3" wide warp,
sketched a small face
(inspired by my sweet friend Mindy Lacefield)
you can find her online class on painting faces
right here
Instead of using paints, I was going to create with fiber!
(I even used some of my handspun yarn for her hair)

Each morning before work
I sat at the loom and wove a little before my day began,
sometimes a coffee and scone helped me along!

Boy did I learn many lessons during this tiny
weaving project ...  I didn't think something so
small could teach me so much!

It's definitely not as easy as it seems

I had to learn to adjust to an electric pedal for sure

Even with a small cartoon behind, the design might change

Tapestry continues to kick my butt

I am learning and growing stronger as a Tapestry Artist

I love this weaving process so much

Mirrix Looms are amazing for sure

I made some mistakes, but I also learned how to correct them

I am inspired by other Tapestry Weavers
that make this look so easy

So meet my little "Ruthie"
dedicated to the amazing
who inspires me with her weaving,
her gentleness and her wonderful faces.
She makes it all seem so effortless!

One day I will have the pleasure of
taking one of her classes in person!!!

I'm kinda in love with her!
I wonder what my next little person will look like,
can't wait to start another one!

Have a great rest of your summer ...
I'll return after Labor Day with a more regular blog posting.
I told myself I would return to my big tapestry the beginning of fall,
and I have to put a new warp on my Mirrix to keep working
on my online class with the amazing Rebecca Mezoff!
Summer time is meant to have no rules and no deadlines!
It has been a special time of being with family, my puppy,
taking the time to rest the soul,
rejuvenate my spirit,
and prepare for the fall!
I did all that and more!

Donna Lee
Tapestry Artist
(well ... Learning and Discovering Tapestry Artist!)