Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Teaching Others

I never grow tired of teaching others
the creative process of art,
whatever form it may take!

This past weekend I had the pleasure
of leading a wonderful group at
The Hermitage Museum in Norfolk,
a beautiful venue and favorite of mine!

The classroom is a restored building
which used to be the Horse and Cow stable on the property!
It now houses the art room and pottery studios!
It is the perfect venue for leading others

Saturday was my last class of the year,
it was bittersweet!
It was an awesome Zentangled® Card class,
much fun
and yet I need the next few weeks to prepare for the holidays!

We started the first hour with a Zentangle® lesson
and then dug deep into creating all kinds of cards, 
gift tags and postcards.
I stressed to my students that we are losing the art
of the hand created, handwritten letter ...
especially in this Instant Message, Texting, Facebook kinda 
world we currently live in.

Of course there was some chocolate involved
and some pretty awesome music playing in the background!
(I have quite a great iTunes Creative Time Mix)
We took the time to gather and admire each others work,
we all had the same materials, the same teaching,
learned the same tangles,
yet our work was so totally different.
We are all individuals, and create our own style;
that is why I love Zentangle® so much!!!

So much laughter, aha moments, 
fun conversations and sharing techniques.
Each student added their own magic to their creations.
Class time is special,
leading others allows me to grow
just a little bit more each time I step into the classroom.

I never grow tired of seeing my name and class in print!
I consider it an honor to lead others through
the art process.

While students were creating quietly in the classroom,
 I was able to sneak a quiet moment
outside on the grounds of the Hermitage,
sitting in my favorite spot of the museum,
taking in the cold breeze,
listening to sounds of nature,
re-focusing and centering myself,
before returning to my students,
to give them just a little bit more!

I love being an Art Teacher,
it sustains me,
teaches me,
guides me
and shows me how to be a better individual.
Communication is a talent.
I am looking forward to 2016,
my calendar is already filling,
and I am excited!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!
I will see you in the new year,
gonna take the next few weeks,
to focus on family
and our holiday time together.
Also working on a new look for my little blog home!

Love and Blessings!
Donna Lee