Monday, August 6, 2012

Just me . . . what I have been doing

My photographer self

The summer is passing so quickly . . . I ask myself each day have I rested enough?  played enough? read enough? napped enough? written enough? taken care of myself enough?

Summertime is such a great time of year, it is always a time that we set apart for rest, play and vacations.  We have a different state of mind in the summer. 
Sure I am still working my full time job as an Optician
but I know that there is so much more to my life than 
just working all the time.

Summer reminds us to slow our bodies down, to soak up the sun, to play at the beach, put the busy stuff away till fall and I have so tried to do that this summer.  So I decided to just let you know what I have been doing . . . for the fun of it all!

painted a new canvas for my living room wall
rode bikes on the boardwalk oceanfront
hec . . . even swam in the ocean a lot
traveled to the Outer Banks numerous times
took a visit to the country in North Carolina
written poetry
taken so many photographs
gotten a suntan
relaxed in my hot tub (my mini vacation)
taken Mindy Lacefield's e course
(teaching me to play!)
cut my hours back some at work
saw the Batman movie
visited the Chrysler Museum
gone to candle light yoga classes
took up walking in the mornings
written Love Notes postcards
finished an amazing journey with
Liz Lamoreux's Inner Excavation
finished Laurie Wagner's e course
Telling True Stories
less Facebook
less Twitter
less time on the computer
enjoyed being with me
 and my precious family

there are blessings to just
playing when you want to
creating what you want
just slowing down with self

I even took the time to discover 
and photograph this beautiful little dragonfly
he let me play with my camera
and hung right in there with me
what a gift that was for me
because I love dragonfly's so much
they represent change
and I feel like my life is 
ever changing and evolving

It looks like I am doing a few things
this summer
but at my own pace
and in my own timing
and only if I wanted too!
Try it . . . for life is too short 
to keep rushing and being busy,
trying to get to the 
next Facebook post
you know what I mean
don't you???

Take time for yourself
do nothing
listen to your inner thoughts
take time for tea
you won't be disappointed!