Thursday, October 10, 2013

A new phase in my creative life

Meet Annabelle Lily Wynn

I wondered what I would write about
on my blog this week.
It has been pretty busy around here,
as you can see!

Then I knew I wanted to share my good news
with YOU!
Our first grand child came two weeks early,
and we are all thrilled beyond measure.
She came into the world on her own time.

In just a blink of a moment,
when she was placed in my arms
for the very first time,
I knew my life would be changed forever!

I have already started a poem,
I keep revising the words ...
I will know when it is complete.
I have water colored some mini designs
for the nursery wall,
 of course knitted some hot pink ruffled booties,
and I can't even imagine how many
photographs I will be taking!

So you see, even having a new addition
to the family
there will always be avenues for creativity!
I can't wait till she is old enough to get
a paintbrush in her hand
and have some creative time at her
grandmommy's house.

I am filled with joy
beyond any measure,
for I know my life is truly blessed.
She is beautiful and healthy
and we have been given a treasured gift.

I look forward to showing her creativity in her life,
playing with paints, crayons, markers and so much more.
Teaching her that she can be anything she wants to be,
and guiding her to never be afraid to express herself
in whatever way she chooses,
for she is truly a special little spirit.

Welcome to the world
my little one
Annabelle Lily Wynn
(sounds like a fairy tale doesn't it?)

Donna Lee
aka Grandmommy