Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How color affects our artwork . . .

I never stop being amazed at the beautiful sources of color
that is all around me.
I am more focused on color I am sure as an Artist,
whether using my Watercolors to paint,
or weaving with my scrumptious Fibers.
I take so many photos because I don't want 
to miss a creative moment, 
knowing that photo will affect my
artwork somehow and sometime!

I am having fun in Rebecca Mezoff's 
Color Gradation Online Course,
and I am learning more that I ever dreamed!
Color blending, hatching colors, shading,
and taking two colors of threads close to each other
on the color wheel,
separating them and blending them to make new colors.
The possibilities of color are endless.
This course just goes on and on with
insight and inspiration.
Thank you always Rebecca for giving
so much to your students through your courses.
I am a sponge soaking up every morsel!!

As part of the Social Marketing team at Mirrix Looms,
I also wrote a blog post about my course with Rebecca,
using my new Spencer Treadle
and The importance of color in our artwork.
You can find that article right here

Let me tell you one important thing . . . READY?
If you are at all interested in Tapestry Weaving,
explore the beautiful Mirrix Looms,
I purchased my very first 25 years ago,
They are as magnificent now as they were back then.
(I don't say that because I am part of the team,
 I say it because I love mine!)

I have had a dear internet sister purchase a Mirrix recently and
I welcome her into my weaving family!
She also signed up for Rebecca's course,
she is hooked for sure!!!!
Nancy is such a beautiful soul ...
check out her website here
she inspires me through her faithful walk,
and all her creativity!
What a gift it was when we connected
through our blogs one wonderful day!

I have just come out of the effects of Hurricane Michael,
I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia
and we were only going to have a snippet of the storm,
2 am Sunday morning was a fierce storm passing through!
We lost power for quite a while, and it took days to get our cable back,
we still don't have our landline phone in service.
It did teach me the importance of not depending on television,
political news, Netflix and even my Pandora music!
Quiet is a good thing.
It slows you down, teaches you to listen way down deep, 
to rely on your thoughts
and rest your body.
The sounds of nature outside are so beautiful.
We usually close our windows and shut the world out,
we are missing life's little treasures.

I played Art ... using my new Sennelier Watercolors,
here is a small creation I keep working on.
You can usually find me with a pen and some watercolors nearby!
I am thinking of creating a card from the painting,
what do you think?

So on this quiet Wednesday, I am heading to my studio,
where all my favorite creative things are stored.
I am hoping to get a few hours of uninterrupted weaving time in today!
As I enter my studio, this is what I see first . . .
My precious Felicity Grace ... I've been calling her Gracie
and I think it fits!

Enjoy your midweek,
we are halfway there to the weekend.
Take the time to always observe your surroundings,
look up at the beautiful colors in the sky,
or see the plants still blooming,
certainly you have many shades of mums nearby!
As always, thank you for taking the time
to visit here ... it warms my heart!

Donna Lee