Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Having a quiet week

This is a beginning of a quiet week of reflection, joy, anticipation and keeping my spirit calm.
This Saturday my son is getting married and these are precious times for the Wynn family.
There is something different when your "baby" gets married.  I thought is was something when my first born got married two years ago, this is an even different set of emotions.  All the wonderful memories come up to the surface, perhaps it is because of all the photos of our life I had to scan for the wedding ceremony!
Life is a precious gift, each and every day never take a moment for granted.
I have chosen to be present in the moment this week.  I have quietly been threading my loom 
for a beautiful scarf or knitting on my lace shawl.  I always come to my fibers when I am seeking comfort and relaxation.  My lace scarf is really starting to show its beauty now and I look forward to knitting each new row.
As soon as the wedding is over, I am heading on a cruise ship to the Bahamas
wonder which knitting project will come along with me?