Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Finding time to just play

Just a small vignette 

Sometimes we just need to find the time to PLAY!
The holiday rush is over, 
thank goodness the Election is over,
the voting, the elections, the inauguration, the news comments.
WHEW ... it sickens me to absorb and watch it all.
Never have I been more disappointed in the political system.
Facebook became a political place to throw up
our opinions on each other ... it just isn't the same anymore!
I don't enjoy visiting FB as when I began so many years ago,
I am torn to stay or leave,
 because I love keeping in touch with my creative friends,
and my family members all over the country.
So for now I have to pick and choose the parts of FB I can accept.

I also believe that creating art is a most beautiful thing,
I am renewed every time I am able to create something!
I also know we don't always have the energy to create elaborate works
all of the time . . .
sometimes we just need to get our hands dirty,
pick up a paintbrush and just play . . .
to calm the soul
and soothe the nerves.
Art heals every time!

I took an e-course with the amazing and fun Jane Davenport years ago,
through 21 Secrets ... (an online course with 21 different teachers!)
She was fun, vibrant and so full of creative exuberance!
If you don't know yet, she has an entire line of art supplies
in Michaels now.
So I purchased one of her watercolor sets, and two of her 
water brushes,
I wanted to try them out.
The colors are vibrant and fun!

My new palette of colors to play with

So I began creating some fun little watercolor flower pots,
added some ink with my Micron Pens, size 02
and created some fun mini 5 x 7" vingettes.
I am always seeing fun things on Instagram
and on Pinterest,
so these little watercolors were inspired by what I saw,
and embellished my way!
I think watercolor and ink is such a fun medium.

Flowers are so fun and easy!

While I was creating these fun little works,
I decided that they would be
"Pay it Forward" gifts.
I plan to write a small message on the front
and leave them in fun areas
for someone to receive.
So watch out Hampton Roads ... a fun artwork is headed your way!
I love to do that with my Zentangle® works,
this time it will be with Watercolor cards!
Here are a few I have created . . .

Each one is a little different

The very first one I created,
I sent to a friend ...
I created a card and sent to her
while she was resting after surgery.

Soooooooooo ...
my message to you is 
find the time to just play,
with crayons and coloring books,
(they are certainly a hot craze these days),
sketch in your sketchbook,
(don't be perfect, just draw what you see!),
play with your set of watercolors
(I know you have some stashed somewhere),
pull out your beads and make a bracelet 
(We all have a little container of beads)
Just play for the fun of it,
don't overthink it,
relax and just enjoy the play.

We need to escape 
from the noises we are filling our vessels with.
They can certainly take over if we let them.
So tomorrow morning,
I plan to leave my first little painting,
right where the sugars are ...
at my local Starbucks
with a message saying . . .
Just Breathe.

So as January of 2017 quickly comes to an end,
I faithfully wrote a blog post every Wednesday,
I enjoyed NOT teaching any art classes after the holidays,
and I am totally loving my year long e-course
with Elizabeth from Squam,
It was a gift I gave to myself and it is off to an amazing start!
I promised to be good to myself this new year,
and that is exactly what I'm doing!

Be well, be happy, be creative
and please find time just to play just for the fun of it,
you won't be disappointed!
I promise!

Donna Lee