Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Diving into Soul Collage

My first Soul Collage
"Just about Me"

I have been wanting to learn
more about the Soul Collage technique
for quite some time now.

I thought it would be easy,
for I collaged on canvas all the time!
I even sell my own collage work
I have taught a different technique
at An Artful Spirit Workshop
entitled Images and Words
but this is totally different!

"Shattered Visions"

I have had a copy of the book
"Soul Collage Evolving"
by it's creator
Selena Frost
for over a year now,
I have glanced through it,
put it up because something else
caught my attention
(sound familiar?)
Until recently,
I wanted to learn more about it.

"Yoga has my heart"

So this past week I poured over the book,
I have created several Soul Collage Cards
and I must say
I am enjoying the process so much!
It teaches me to just slow down,
I light a quiet candle when I begin
creating a sacred space
then I just enjoy the quiet process,
searching for images that speak to me
(no words just images)
and to create a card
that I will return to over and over again
for self inspiration.

"Stepping Forward"

Now I find myself looking
for images everywhere,
looking forward to creating
my next Soul Collage card.
This process is unlike
any other art form
I have worked with.
It calms my heart
and calms my fears.

"Taking in the Beauty"

I always like to let you know what I
am working on,
so sharing this technique is special to me.
It requires very little ...
a 5 x 8 matte board
scissors, glue or cement
and your heart imagination.
That's it!

"Seeing through a grandmother's eyes"

I encourage you to give it a try,
I know there are teachers of this technique,
none in my immediate area,
but check it out online,
there are resources as well.
If you want to learn something,
you will always find a way to learn it,
as I have here!

"The Writer Within Me"

I'm not finished with
this technique yet,
and each time I finish a 
Soul Collage card,
I am ready to start another.
I am gaining more understanding
into my own thought process
with each an every card I create.

It is truly a most
beautiful creative process.
Try it and you will see!
Make sure you let me know
that you have tried it!

(disclaimer ... the images I have used are for my personal use only ... not for sale or trade,  I am grateful for them)