Tuesday, December 6, 2011


"Whimsy"  My latest painting

This past weekend I spent a lot of time in the studio!
I have been working on my e-course from Alisa Burke
"Sketchbook Delight".
I have been playing with my watercolors, crayons and ink pens.
I really love Alisa and she has taught me
so much with my watercolors.
I took her "Watercolor Bliss" class as well,
she has a style all her own and teaches
you to get excited about your painting,
but also to enjoy it and not take it so seriously.

I titled this piece "Whimsy" I think it fits perfectly.
I painted it without thinking about it and making it perfect!
I got bold with colors and just kept playing.
Trees are my passion, I truly love to paint them.
Trees are wise, they have seen a lot,
they are long lasted and carry such beauty.
As I look back at all of my photos,
usually a tree is present somewhere!

Whimsical . . . the art of being light and fanciful
sometimes I know I take my art way too seriously!
I worry about whether or not my work is good enough,
why is my Etsy shop so slow,
my work doesn't compare to  . . .
it has to be perfect.

This picture represents me . . .
I knew while I was creating it that it would be a good piece!
Art should be fun, it should be about enjoying
the process not the outcome.
I want my work to have a happy flair to it
and I think this piece shows that!

By the way . . . I have it for sale in my Etsy shop!
Come and check out other pieces of my work,
you won't be disappointed!

Next time you are in your studio,
don't think about what you have to get done,
just slow down and enjoy just creating,
relax with your art, see where it takes you.
Your work won't disappoint you!
Have a lovely day!
Donna Lee