Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Slowing down with Self

"I love and respect myself as I am"

I have been thinking a lot about these words lately ...

I created this mixed media mandala
while participating in an online course
I have learned so many techniques and ideas
for creating my mandalas
and I can't believe we are already on week three,
with just one more to go.

As I was creating this artwork,
this affirmation was included
from a bunch Louise had shared with us,
I chose this one,
it spoke to me loudly!

It is so hard these days 
to love and respect ourselves,
just as we are.
The world says we have to be ...
thinner, prettier, talented, richer, better, achievers
and so much more.

I am trying so hard
to slow life down just a bit,
to center my life around
what IS, not what IF's.
Appreciating the gift of my family,
my faith, friendships, my written words and poetry,
my artwork.
I am learning to believe in myself
and the woman I have become
and the person I truly am
right here and right now.

This isn't always an easy thing to do!
Life certainly carries it's challenges along the way.
For now I will quiet my heart and mind,
concentrate on what is
and appreciate what life has brought me.
Loving and Respecting myself all the while.

I truly love how art and life
are mingled together so beautifully.
I am grateful for this teaching moment
I had this week
and grateful for creative moments
in my studio,
one of my most favorite places to be!

Donna Lee