Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What's a resolution?

My Mandala Work

It is a new year and the freshness of a new beginning
is exciting for me . . . how about you?

I have to be honest,  Resolutions kinda scare me!
I know they force us to look at the way we are doing things,
they help us to look at what we want to change, what we like,
and certainly what we want to keep . . .
but keeping those resolutions throughout the year
is a totally different thing!
We kinda set ourselves up for a fall.

For me this year I chose the word DEEPEN
it really does express where I am in my life at this very moment.
I want to slow the pace of life down just a bit
and deepen my relationships,
my artistic adventures
and go deeper within myself.
I was ready to leave the hustle of 2016 behind
and I eagerly anticipate a very good year.

So for me I want to grow as an artist,
pursue the arts that matter to me most,
and of course,
continue writing more regularly here
in my little corner of the world.

So I thought I would share a few of my favorite
artistic photos today,
each one representing the art I want to pursue,
in a deeper and more personal way!

 Teaching Zentangle® to others

Stitching on my Samplers

 Mixed Media Art

 Definitely Tapestry Weaving

 Enhance my spinning skills

Finding time to just Breathe it all in

Watercolor and Sketching

So this first Wednesday of 2017
I wish you a beautiful New Year,
filled with love, joy and creativity.
Reach out to others,
Try something totally new,
let go of what is not needed in your life,
and explore your opportunities

As for me ... you will find me
still working as an Optician a few days a week,
and taking the time to Breathe life in,
and of course ...
snuggling with my Grandbabies.
(By the way ... our number four will be coming in June!)
My life is full beyond measure!

Donna Lee