Friday, February 15, 2013

Working from the Inside Out

I have been taking an E course recently 
called Inside Out
with Shannon Kinney-Duh
it is a six week journaling course
and we are finishing week four right now

inside one of my journal pages

I have learned so many things
and my journal pages are filling up
with truth and heart thoughts.
This course is more than just art journaling
there are so many writing prompts,
free writing exercises, setting intentions, 
interviews with beautiful souls,
yoga exercises, fellowships, chat time
and so much more.
It has been a journey of self exploration.

words that spoke to me


I am grateful to myself for taking the time
to settle into this course,
receive all that I am meant to take in,
and learn new and fun things,
and to Shannon for creating such an experience
I let go of other things so I could
concentrate on this experience,
for it has been so worth it!
I am having so much fun with the creative exercises,
I keep looking at my journal pages,
over and over again!

time for some poetry thoughts


I think this course came at the perfect time for me
things just happen to work out that way.
I was needing some direction, some clarification,
some creative fellowship,
but I have received so much more!
This course was a gift just for me 
and each and every morning
I look forward to seeing what
Shannon has brought to us for the day.

fun journal exercise

a love letter to self

Valentines Day Page

my favorite ... mind mapping

I feel that everything is as it should be lately.
I am exploring new horizons,
learning more and more each day,
opening my heart and mind,
letting go of fears and doubts,
writing deeper poetry
hmmm . . . I wonder what is next?

Pay attention, be astonished, tell about it
Mary Oliver

Donna Lee

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Poetry Moment


Sometimes our lives become so difficult
We rush from here to there
never taking the time to truly 
slow ourselves down

What a gift we give to ourselves
when we can just Simplify
the way we live
the way we over commit our lives

Simplify your time
don't pack so much into one day
Simplify your mind
let go of unwanted thoughts

Slow your pace of life
way down
you won't be disappointed
with what you see will happen

Simplify your wants and needs
clear out unwanted things
for there is so much waste
just look around and see

To Simplify your pace
can be a personal gift
try today to see the beauty 
you have been missing every day