Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Squam Experience

Rockywold Deephaven Camp
Holderness, New Hampshire

I returned home exactly a week ago
from attending Squam Art Workshops
and I am still processing the journey that unfolded
there for me!

How do I put into words just how I feel 
about what I experienced at My Squam . . .
knowing that I can't possibly express
 exactly what I want to share and give it the justice it so deserves!
I don't think I truly can ...  BECAUSE IT WAS MAGICAL!

I am still processing all that I experienced at Squam last week,
and I don't want this feeling to end.
I want to remember all that I did, all that I learned,
all that I experienced and remember the wonderful people I met.
I have attended two Squam by the Sea journeys
and Squam in the City last fall,
but nothing compares to the "original" Squam
at Squam Lake in New Hampshire.
It was by far the most beautiful retreat experience for me!

I decided to share my favorite photos 
from my Squam experience last week ...
I am touched beyond measure that I was able to attend, 
to teach a Zentangle® class
and share this drawing process with 40 attendees! (WOW!)
I was happy to be a small part of an amazing group of people,
close to 200 attendees!

To be close to Elizabeth, 
(founder and creator of Squam Art Workshops)
who will always have my heart,
and Forrest Elliott, Mindy Tsonas and Nina Gilbert
(her outstanding team)
what an amazing job they did!

Enough said ... here are my pics
Hope you will enjoy and get a feel for my five days!

Opening night adornment

Yarn bombing everywhere

Walking the many paths

Yarns by Shalimar yarns for a tapestry
Isn't the packaging adorable!
Another art fair treat I brought home

Me and Mindy united (photo taken by Elizabeth Duvivier)
How I adore this beautiful soul!

Elizabeth reading my favorite poet Mary Oliver
in our magical writing class

Ice beauty during the Art Fair

The beautiful heart showed up everywhere

Story time with author Clara Parkes
I purchased her sock knitting book!

My art fair treat from Maya Made
New sock knitting bag

Always have to take at least one selfie!

Connecting with Susan
My Love Notes Project partner

My altered book class with Colleen Attara

Knitting in my pj's by the fire

The perfect venue for my Zentangle® class Friday morning

Best class helpers ever!!!!

Creating a class Mosaic of finished work

The BEST class helpers ever
How blessed was I!!!

Awesome and attentive class

Sweet Nina concentrating

My Instagram that day

Cabin Artwork created by
Elizabeth and Forrest
(Wished I could have brought home!)

Morning peeking through ... ready to start each day

Creating a nature mandala before class

Writing class venue

"Writing your own Myth" class with Elizabeth

Facing the blank page ...

Dream Catcher created by 
the beautiful Mindy Tsonas
for all

Adding my dream to the dream catcher

Attending a natural remedy workshop

Always inspiring words to be found

My writing sisters ... we shared a lot together

My Keens walked many a step

Anxious to get into the Art Fair on our last night

Yes I am Yogiknitgirl and I LOVE Ravelry
So fun to meet the gang in person!

Saying goodbye to Squam Lake the last day

Being greeted on Wednesday arrival

The dock at our cottage

The view from our room

The beautiful woven Heart there to greet

Best Roomy ever!

Inspiration during Altered Book Class with Colleen Attara

My view while writing on a Saturday morning

So much inspiration here

Gathering for a group photo
(photo taken by the amazing Forrest Elliott)

Daily inspiration adorning my cabin bedroom

See what I mean??????
If you ever get the chance to attend a Squam
please give yourself that gift!
They are magical, soul refreshing,
loving and safe.
So much goes into the making of such an experience
and I am filled to overflowing.
I will step lightly for awhile,
take care of my soul
and be ever so grateful
for what I took home with me!
Thank you Elizabeth, Forrest,
Mindy and Nina!

Along the pathway at Squam