Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mandala Artwork

"She searches to find herself
in all kinds of places
Yet here on this page
it feels just right
it feels safe"
She found herself again ...
for it has been too long
(Created 2-28-2014)

Whenever I find myself restless
I return to my Mandala Artwork.
Each one is different,
each one has it's own identity,
each one speaks to me in a different way.

My journals are full
of different designs
and I don't think I could ever pick a favorite one,
because when each one was created 
 at a time I needed clarity,
understanding and vision for something
that was going on in my life.
I always found the guidance.
so each one carries
significant meaning.

Mandala Artwork
has taught me to slow myself down,
listen to my instincts
and follow my own intuition.
I have worked out problems,
thought about so many things
and most especially
calmed my heart right down
during the process.

I am excited to be embarking
on a new e-course with Louise Gale
in April,
taking my artwork to a totally new level!
Louise is such a beautiful soul,
what a gift it will be to study
what I love most 
with an amazingly talented artist!
Please come and check it out!

She also has Mandala Mondays on her blog,
this piece was inspired from her
and I wanted to try out my new
Mixed Media Art Boards
by Strathmore

I have always been drawn to circles,
to patterns, to creating,
to painting with bold colors
my mandala artwork
reflects all of those creative choices.

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart"
William Wordsworth

I think if I were asked to give up
all of my creative adventures 
and just choose one thing I would keep,
it would be this.

Thank goodness that choice will never have to be made!

May you find yourself at peace this week
May you always find happiness and joy
Think about complaining LESS
May you jump into rain puddles
and experience adventure!

Donna Lee