Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ten thoughts on a Saturday

Life is full of goody moments

Slow down and enjoy the present

Sometimes we hit a brick wall

Savor quiet times

Always be grateful

You are enough

Checking in with yourself is always 
a very good thing

Be aware of what is happening
around you

The ocean can give healing
to the soul

Think of others
not just yourself

Donna Lee

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Emerging She

I recently was in the Outer Banks
for yet another
peaceful and creative long weekend.
I spent so much time writing and creating art.
One early morning, I decided to create a Zendala face.
 Recently I had seen one similar on Pinterest
and it caught my attention.
I wanted mine to be different than what I had seen.
I was anxious to try out the Zentangle round tiles.

I first did a watercolor wash with a subtle metallic color,
I then sketched a small face off to the side
and then began zentangling,
I wanted the piece to evolve as it should.

I slowly began to start with Zentangle designs

I kept letting her evolve as she spoke to me

The process became so beautiful and relaxing

Now try to imagine her being created with a
gentle breeze and the ocean waves
roaring in the background!

"Emerging She" finished!

The entire time I was working on this project,
a poem was forming in my head
I love how art and writing are intertwined!
I'd like to share it with you . . .

Emerging She

Who is this she I see emerging
slowly making her presence known
every now and then something
new and magical begins to emerge

Life carries with it a pattern to follow
we learn this as a little child
we grow, we seek
and then we become

We continue to walk through our lives
living out day to day moments
childhood growth, teen adventures,
schooling, marriage, children and more

Slowly she continues to emerge
at times being tucked back inside
being told stay put ...
this just isn't your time

So she patiently waits, listens and watches
for the perfect moment to appear
when she knows she is needed and wanted
ready to be fully embraced

Emerging She I like who you are
you have found your true voice now
free from the stresses of what others might think
walking through your life with arms open wide

For you see I am Emerging She
I've lived my life well
now I am changing and tweaking
my life along the way

Emerging She
patient and strong
loving the woman I now have become
I wonder which way she will lead me along?

(written in Corolla, North Carolina 9-15-13)