Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Harvest

God's Beauty!

I love the is my favorite season and my favorite time of the year!
I have just gotten my first pick from my pomegranate tree and I am constantly amazed at God's beauty!
Not only is the fruit beautiful to look at but delicious to eat as well!
As I photographed the tree with the different fruits growing, I began knowing that this would be the perfect watercolor picture!
Isn't it interesting how the mind of an artist works?  We view something we think is beautiful and take it a step further!  I am already trying to decide what colors to use, what paper to paint it on and how to capture this beautiful piece of fruit's beauty.
Fall is a time to slow down, rest and contemplate.  It is a time for pots of soup, homemade breads and nesting in our homes.  Our gardens slowly begin to fade away and the freshness of summer has passed.  We have vacationed, been lazy and had lots of time to play.
With fall comes schedules and settling in.  Settling in to whatever we need to do.  I am in a new season of life; my children are both married and have homes of their own and my husband and I are settling in to a life with just the two of us!  It does take some getting used to!
I do have more time now to paint and pursue new creative avenues!  I have enjoyed exploring collage, something I haven't done in years.  You will always find with something to knit in my hands.
So I say hello to fall and I welcome it here.
My pomegranate tree always reminds me in October that fall is here and it is time to settle in to my home, my arts and my blessing called life.  I never set New Year goals, my goals are always set in the fall;  for that is my new beginning.  I love it!
I urge you to think about areas of your life that you can slow down and settle in.  Welcome fall in with all of its fresh new potential. 
 Explore all of the wonderful creative possibilites it brings along with it!
For me....I need to finish this watercolor sketch!