Friday, February 3, 2012

The Art of Writing

Writing and Art just go together!

I have recently begun taking a writing course with
 Michelle Ensignmer at The Wish Studio called
and I am falling in love with the written word
all over again!
I couldn't wait to take this course and
anxiously awaited for it to begin in the new year!
I first met Michelle at Squam by the Sea in 2010,
what a beautiful heart and spirit she has.
We have stay connected ever since that
incredible experience!
The joy has been all mine!

is my year of self care.
Taking time to nourish my soul,
Anticipate new opportunities,
strengthen my yoga practice,
begin juicing for health
and re-connect with my writing life.
I knew that this course would be just the
jump start that I needed and it is.
I have always loved to read and write,
it was always my favorite subject in school.
I excelled in English, did not so good
in Mathematics,
crazy since I am an Optician, and all I do
is work with numbers!

There is something magical when I can put thoughts to page,
or nowadays to computer.  I think that is why I love my blog so much,
I have been able to write and share all the things that are
rolling around inside my head.

I recently attended a poetry reading for a friend and I fell in love with
poetry all over again.  Hearing so many different styles of
poetry, spoken with such rawness and openess,
it made my heart spill open wide.
I immediately came home and the words just began to pour out
on the page.

Writing is . . .
sheer openness
love on a page
raw emotion
a sincere way of expressing oneself
thought provoking
I love the written word

If you ever get the chance to take Michelle's e course, please do so,
each day she fills your screen with a thought provoking lesson,
or an interview with a writer that she admires.
You can comment all you want and she responds,
 she offers a writing prompt . . .
sometimes we need those to get the
creativeness going.
My journal is filling up and will be a
resource of joy long after the course
is complete!

I love writing,
I always have and I always will.
thank you for reading my blog faithfully
and hearing what my heart has to say!
I am fast approaching my two year
blog anniversary, I can hardly believe it.
I have grown in my writing voice in
more ways than I can say.
I am yours!
Donna Lee

Decided to add little Donna Lee in here!
This little girl is still inside
guiding me along the way.