Saturday, September 28, 2013

Matters of the Heart

Recently I had a "Heart" scare,
there was an abnormality on my EKG
during my yearly physical
and a whirlwind began. 
One day, while driving to work,
I was given scary news and in that moment,
that scary moment
everything changed in the blink of an eye,
for now I truly know what that means.

I have spent the past week
trying to understand it all,
getting through all the medical tests,
seeing a Cardiologist and having 
a procedure done
in the Heart Hospital.
This was definitely time evaluate my life ...
where I have been
and where I certainly wanted to still go!

I have always lived my life
in the fullest way possible,
trying to grab the most
of whatever I could.
I love experiencing new things.
Always knowing or hoping
there was plenty of time
to do the things I wanted to do.

I found out what I needed to find out,
I praise God for the good answers
and how I can certainly live with
my precious little heart!
For now I know it needs to be cared for.

Each day is a blessing
and you realize it when you think,
maybe ... just maybe,
it could be taken away from you.

I trust in each day,
I trust in a mighty God
I am grateful that 
there is such an incredible
support system in my life!

Never have regrets of what
you didn't do yet,
get out there and do them!!!
Try something new and exciting.
Recognize when life is throwing you a curve,
and certainly learn the lessons
 you need to learn when you hit a brick wall.

This post really isn't about creativity,
it is about cherishing what matters most.
It's about loving and caring for yourself,
and when you are whole,
inside and out,
that will come through 
in every endeavor you choose.

I found this page from my journal
from a recent e-course I had taken,
somehow it matters even more today.
Trust ...

Donna Lee