Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Creative Thoughts on a Wednesday

My recent works

Life is certainly rushing past me lately.
The Thanksgiving Holiday preparations,
wonderful company, family gatherings,
cooking, cleaning and cooking some more!
It all went by so quickly.

We all have holiday stories to tell I am sure,
how fast my five days off passed me by,
and without being creative during those days!
Oh I thought I was gonna get so much done.
Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have changed
a moment of it all.

I find that I need to create daily,
something anything!
I strive to be creative everyday,
yet it didn't happen!
I believe that is my "creative slogan"
I let my own self down.

December is here
and now the hustle bustle of the 
Christmas Holidays has come along with it.
There is baking to do,
presents to buy and decorating the house,
staff parties and friends to gather with.
All good things certainly.

I need more,
quiet space and contentment,
time to create and paint, draw
or just playing in my journal.
There is so much Zentangle
I want to explore.
For I find being creative helps to center me.

My goal for my month of December
is to slow down,
way down
to enjoy each day during this busy season,
to breathe it all in,
one moment at a time.
I want to take time just to be!

I celebrate this holiday season,
for I have so much to be grateful for,
especially a new little life brought into our family 
what a special holiday it will be!
I don't want to rush through it,
not a moment of it.
I want to purposefully live each day,
and walk meditatively through it all.

I realize this isn't an easy task!
We all can make choices
of how we live our lives.
I can control my time,
that is for sure!
I had hopes of creating my own
holiday cards this year,
not sure that's gonna happen!
Time is a gift to all of us,
it is up to us as to how we spend it.

Take the time
to be happy this holiday season,
accomplish all that needs to be done,
and enjoy the process of being happy,
truly happy!
Do everything with a joyful heart!
I certainly plan to!