Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Unrest and Recovery

A treasure I found this past weekend ... such beauty!

I recently got away to the Outer Banks
to celebrate my Sister's birthday.
Somehow time spent in the OBX
brings my soul back to where it belongs.
The gift of rest, time away, the roar of the ocean,
and the sand between my toes.

This has been such a season of Unrest . . .
 especially where Politics have been involved.
The bickering, slander, unkindness,
television commentaries, judgements and commercials.
I could go on and on.
Everywhere you turn
people are slightly grumpy,
worried, agitated or rude.
They are unsure of the future.
And now this morning after the Election,
we have our results!
The unrest continues.

So we have to grab those moments
when we can unwind, regroup, refocus and recover,
Come back to what makes us comfortable again.
It could be through travel, family time,
creating art, prayer, naps and so much more.

The Ocean is always my calming gift

Now the busy holiday season is fast approaching,
I am practicing moments of self care
as much as I can.
It seems we are moving from one stress (politics)
right into another (holiday shopping)
and if we aren't careful ... it can take our breath away.
I am currently working on a sweet project ...
a linen stitched stocking for my tree!
I started it at the Sanderling Inn
while away with my sister.
With each little stitch I am relaxed.

I have fallen in love with my stitching again

Unrest can be unhealthy
Recovery is vital for our well being.
So grab those moments whenever you can ...
it's not being selfish, I promise you.

For me time spent in my studio is vital.
Painting, drawing my Zentangle or 
Weaving at my Loom is a must.

Created this during Election results

How I love my Mirrix Loom!

How about you?
I would love to hear what calms your soul,
What you do to take care of yourself . . . 
we can all learn from each other.

Take a walk outside, breathe in the fresh air
that is given to us each day.
Visit with a friend, take a long nap (just because),
sleep in one morning,
reach out to a long lost friend, 
Here is a great idea . . .
stay off Social Media for awhile,
and see how you do!

Advice for your day!

On this uncertain Wednesday morning,
I wish you Peace ... all the Peace you can accept!
Walk lightly, be good to yourself!
May your day be filled with beauty
all good things.
My wish for you is Rest
in a season of Unrest.

Thank you for stopping by today

Donna Lee