Thursday, July 23, 2015

What love is to me . . .

Love is . . .

Spending a beautiful week with my family
in the Outer Banks

Snuggling and Kisses from my Grand Babies

A smile just because

Holding my spouse's hand

Watching my family love each other

Friendships with special people

A card that comes in the mail just because

Re-connection with cherished family

Being kind to someone in need

Saying sweet words to someone 

Being truly happy within my own self

Sharing my wealth with others

Hearing a poem read out loud

Creating art in the quietness of a morning

Giving of my own precious time

Positive words when someone is near

Love is my family  ... your family

God's infinite embrace 

Reaching out in times of need

Sharing with the elderly

Giving without expectation

Loving myself always

Being happy with where I am in this life 

Trusting each step along the way

A gift to cherish that we are given

Love is all that matters