Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My SoulCollage® Facilitator Training

How do you put into words what you don't even know what to say yet?
I have just returned home from training with
the amazing Catherine Anderson
for SoulCollage® Facilitator Training
January 16 -18, 2015
in Charlotte, North Carolina.
I had signed up in October
and was counting the days to get there!

I went this weekend with my dear friend
and Artful Spirit partner
Dr. Suzan Thompson,
which was a gift in itself 
to spend such beautiful and quality time
with my soul sister.
We wanted to learn this process together,
and share it in our own art workshops.

Six hours of conversation in a car (each way!)...
we got a whole lot of brainstorming done too!
I love it when we put our creative minds together.

From the moment we entered Catherine's studio,
I felt a sense of belonging, I knew it was going to be
a magical three days of learning.
My heart was wide open and spilling over!

The studio was a feast for the eyes,
inspiration everywhere and such beauty,
Catherine is an incredible artist.
She freely let us photograph whatever we wanted to
so I am sharing with you!

Catherine opened with the reading of a poem
which was one of my favorites by Hafiz.
I was overjoyed to hear so much poetry read
this weekend,
the Poet in me was delighted to hear
Catherine's beautiful soft voice
reading the words of so many poets.

Each moment, each exercise, each lecture
was thoughtfully carried out,
so much love and attention went into
the care and feeding of our souls!

First Day was wonderful,
and we still had two more to go!
We loved where we stayed,
I had looked into a Bed and Breakfast
803 Elizabeth Lane
that was recommended
and we were not disappointed at all!
Martha and Will, the innkeepers were charming,
the room was delightful
and our breakfasts were created with
love and care each morning ...
a great start to the day ahead!

Days Two and Three we continued to gather,
share, learn, open our hearts, learn from Catherine,
dig even deeper ... and all the while not wanting the day to end,
and I am sure I speak for all of us.
I have attended many retreats in my lifetime,
each one teaching me something wonderful.
I am so grateful and beyond thrilled with
this Facilitator training,
it has changed me, re-directed me
and for that I am over the moon.

 SoulCollage® is a beautiful and self-directed process.
It is a gift you can give to yourself.
It is an intuitive card making process
using images that inspire me.
There are no words or adornments, only images.
My cards are created by me and carry along
the wisdom I need when seeking
life questions for myself
(my written definition created during an exercise)

We browsed through image after image,
Catherine supplied unending images,
We created our cards with beautiful and inspiring music,
each one of us in our own zone,
not much talking going on . . .
we then shared our cards in a small group,
answering with a question . . .
"I am One Who ..."
we were guided through meditation,
we were touched with poetry read to us,
danced to music,
ate delicious meals,
had tea and snacks
cried many tears,
hugged lots and lots,
we opened up our hearts to each other,
twelve women became twelve sisters
in the course of three days,
how hard it was to leave Sunday.
I always capture my world through my camera,
I think the best thing is to share my pictures with you,
they truly say it all ...

I look forward to sharing this process with others
in my hometown, or even further away.
If you have a chance to have a session,
I encourage you ... I strongly urge you to do so!

It seems that each art form I pursue,
grows me deeper and deeper
to finding my own self . . .
My Zentangle® practice,
My SoulCollage® process,
Art Journaling and Poetry writing.
I am on a path to self discovery,
growing a little bit more each and every day.
I am so grateful to have experienced
so much this past weekend;
bringing me closer to my heart,
my dreams and my soul longings.

My 2015 is definitely off to a terrific start!

I was totally overtaken with emotion, joy and heartfelt feelings.
How blessed I will always be to have taken my
Facilitator Training with Catherine.
She is light, she is love and she is a total inspiration to others.
Thank you Catherine for making every minute
of these three days so beautiful!

Donna Lee