Monday, December 8, 2014

Living and Teaching with An Artful Spirit

I love how the words "An Artful Spirit" sounds!
It took quite awhile for my creative partner
Suzan Thompson and I
to come up with a name for our
creative workshops ...
then finally Artful and Spirit came together so beautifully
(as we brainstormed for quite awhile).
We each had a word we wanted to incorporate into our title,
each expressing how we felt about creating art ...
I think we magically put it all together!

We wanted to create day long workshops
where someone would be able to escape for a day
to experience fellowship, to create a deep sense of self
and learn for just a short time.
We wanted to offer a safe environment
 of encouragement and learning,
choosing a new technique to explore 
with each and every workshop.
I believe we have truly done so!

I have learned so much from co-leading and teaching
our workshops.
The participants have each brought their own
beautiful energies
and have returned over and over again!
It warms my heart to see that.
When we began this workshop concept,
over three years ago,
I truly wouldn't have believed
just how much I personally have grown,
in confidence as a teacher,
in wisdom of art techniques,
of brainstorming and planning
future workshops.
The friendships that have grown out of our gatherings
and the beauty of each and every self expression,
surprises me over and over again!

I truly believe that I strive to live
with an Artful Spirit each and every day.
Looking for moments to express myself.
When I am not able to create my art ...
I find myself out of sync,
restless and yearning to create just one small thing!
I love Art ... it truly saves
it nourishes the spirit
it is a gift we can give to ourselves.
I find that my purpose is to 
lead others to find their own artful spirit as well!

Just enjoying sharing today ...
and wishing you a truly artful spirit filled kinda day!
Donna lee